Friday, 20 June 2014

Tamota Ma Gos/ Tomato Stew With Lamb

Tomato Ma Gos or
Tomato Stew with Lamb

1 kg 2.2lb lamb in 1 1/2 inch pieces bone in
1 kg/2.2lbs fresh tomatoes blanched peeled and chopped
 2 medium potatoes peeled and cut into 1 1/2 inch pieces
3 medium finely chopped onions, fried golden brown in 3 tbsp oil
2 tsp crushed fresh garlic
2 tsp crushed fresh ginger
1 tsp chilli powder
1 1/2 tsp cummin powder
2 finely chopped green chillies
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp jaggery
1 cup water

Heat the oil and fry the onions, add all the spices, garlic and ginger pastes. Stir a couple of minutes and add the meat. Once it changes colour, add the tomatoes and a cup of water.
Cook for 45 minutes and add the potatoes and jaggery.
Cook for another 45 minutes until the meat and the potatoes are soft and well cooked. The water evaporated and it looks like a nice thick shiny stew. The tomatoes should be crushed to help this along with the back of your spoon.
Taste for sweetness and add more jaggery if you like.
Serve with warm chapati or naan.

Use chopped tomato cans if you prefer or whole peeled ones, but not crushed ones.
Brown sugar is a good substitute for jaggery but the sheen is different with jaggery.

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Photo credit Sheriar Hirjikaka

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Hi, I've used a recipe from Nilofers Kitchen.... tamota ma gos, where we boil the tomatoes and skin them before using, and we all just loved it. But I can't find it for some reason. Is there some way u can send me the link. It was brilliant, with the authentic taste and I wanna make it again

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