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Prawn Crepes

An exclusive from Niloufer's Kitchen

Prawn Crepes

Many moons ago I had concocted this recipe, but not until I moved to Canada did it become a huge favourite! Now it seems to have become a signature dish, much loved by  everyone who tries it out. 

I saved it specially to kick start the next hundred thousand hits to the blog!! Here, I share this exclusive recipe with everyone to share it, cook it and enjoy it!

Do post your pictures and your experience, we would love to hear back from you. 

Ready to serve  this EXCLUSIVE recipe from Niloufer's Kitchen only!

Enjoy this delicious sliver of crepes and prawns

In a bowl of cold salted water, soak for an hour 1 1/2 lb/675 gm clean, de-veined, shelled prawns. Keep aside.

Blend in the food processor till quite fine.

2 skinned tomatoes
1 bunch of coriander leaves
2 medium onions
6 green chillies
1 tsp salt

Transfer to a pan and cook till all the water has dried off.  Stir it often to ensure it does not stick to the pan. This should take 30 minutes.

Drain the prawns and rinse them well. Add to the mixture and cook till just done.About 5 minutes.
Keep  the pot aside.

Make a basic white sauce
Melt in a pan
2 oz/57gm/1/4cup  salted butter
Add 3 tbsp flour

Add, stirring constantly till smooth

2 cups of milk
1/4 tsp salt
bring to a boil for 1 full minute and take  the pan away from the heat.
Mix this into the prawn mixture. This is now ready to fill in the crepes.

Basic Crepe Recipe for 10 crepes


Crepes are available in larger supermarkets in Canada in the freezer section for purchase.

You can make the crepes well ahead of time and freeze them in batches on a parchment paper, and then wrapped in foil.

You can cut the prawns in pieces if you prefer. It is wonderful idea for a buffet where people can easily savour them in each bite with just a fork!

It also helps get a piece in each bite.

The cooked herbs and spices can be prepared and frozen weeks ahead. On the day off simply reheat and add prawns and the white sauce.

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