A sneak peek to "The Cookbook"

This cookbook is in English with the titles also in Gujrati to share the feel of the dish. It is available in Toronto, London, New York and San Francisco. It is also available on Amazon.com
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While everyone likes to know what one is buying it is hard to flip through the pages of a cookbook when ordered online.
Here is a sneak peek for you from the new cookbook The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders.  

""The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders is in the Top 3 in  category C10 - Indian Cuisine for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards of books published in 2019  
You have now also earned the Best in the World Certificate.  As Top 3 in your category, you will be honored in Paris on June 3, 2020 at a ceremony in the evening, followed by a party. You are most welcome to attend, it is part of the Paris Cookbook Fair June 3-7, 2020.""  Eduoard Cointreau Gourmand Awards - March 2020

Maestro Zubin Mehta has been kind enough to share his thoughts on this cookbook too!

This hardback cookbook is 10"x 8"x 2" thick. It has 146 pages with 51 recipes, divided into 5 chapters that have been illustrated with full page colour pictures for each recipe. Isn't that exciting?
All explanations are in English, making it simpler for those unaware of this ancient cuisine. The different delicacies are offered with a story attached or a tad of history, sharing my personal experiences and knowledge with you.

The 5 chapters included in the cookbook are 

Mamaiji nu Pinjru  Grandma's Pantry
Leelu balchao nay keri ni chutney
Green prawn pickle and green mango chutney

This contains many of the recipes that truly need to be recorded, shared and revived for many reasons. All of these family recipes are tried and tested over and over again. Many of them are 200 years old if not older. In addition to those handed down to me I have created some of them myself keeping foremost in my mind that they are suitable to ingredients currently available, also having worked very hard to get the exacting measurements ensuring perfection in your kitchen.
Recipes like  murumbo, sua pak, buffenu, keri ni chutney, limbu nu achar, gharab nu achar, lagan nu gajar mewa nu achar are included. Leelu balchao and adu tamota ni jam is exclusive to my family archive.

Tarkari nay Daar  Vegetables and Pulses

The need for preparing a good vegetable dish is always daunting. I wanted to help you make it simpler to pick and choose as best as I can. Lagan nu parsi stew, chori, guar, sekta ni singh no patyo, keri kanda and vengna nu bharat, the simple Parsi omelette, dahi ni kudhi and our favourite daars like vaal, channa and masala ni daar  are all included. Topli na paneer is also included with the hope that the younger generation gets a chance to enjoy this delicacy and keep its tradition going.

Chori - yardlong beans

Jhinga nay Maachi   Seafood

Parsis have always enjoyed their seafood. For this section I have picked my favourites that I recall eating while growing up.
Paplayt na safed curry chawal, jhinga na ribbon rice, jhinga ni khichri,  bhaji jhinga, papayta jhinga, machi no rus are some of those choices. Jhinga no tarapori patyo nay khekhra ni curry are for special occasions, while I have included my own fusion recipe of jhinga na pancake with Parsi food flavours in the hope it will become part of Parsi cooking in time.

Jhinga na ribbon rice - with prawn

Murghi nay Gos  Chicken and Meat
Chicken berry palao

No Parsi food feast is complete without this section. Favourites are gos ni biryani, murghi papayto, masoor ma gos, bheeda ma gos, kheemo sali per edu, kheema na pattice, sali boti and gos na rus chawal, all of them here. I have also added a delicious kesar ni murghi, something I had developed years ago for fun. Added as part of our heritage is the Persian berry palau

Sali boti - meat and matchstick stew

Mitthu Mohnu  To Sweeten the Palate

Desserts are a must in any cuisine. In this cookbook you will find ravo, mitthu dahi, badam pak and kopra pak to take us down memory lane. I have also added a caramel custard and a mango macaroon torte both of which are a very special part of my wonderful childhood. Bhakra, daar ni pori, mava na cake and my own concoction of a murumba nu cake completes the book. 

Bhakras - fried tea cakes

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