January 2024

Happy New Year!

The year began with a boom when a feel-good article about a Christmas celebration attended by people from many nations, speaking many languages, and belonging to many different forms of identity was highly received by (Facebook post reach 163,841). The actual feel-good moment to take away from this is that everyone in our world, regardless of caste, colour, or creed, wants to love and be loved. 

The new cookbook has been divided into six chapters. With old world recipes from grandmother's kitchen, cooking from my fresh basket of vegetables, and preparing the catch of the day from grandpa's trawlers, flavour and texture are key. Moving on to the hearty meaty bunch, platters of rice, and something sweet to finish up the meal. With 60+ recipes, pictures to accompany each one, and stories and tales that will help you relive the occasion, I hope you will wish to add this book to your collection. #nilouferskitchen #revivinganancientcuisine one recipe at a time. #parsifoodtrail

December 2023

It is an honour to be supported and endorsed by Zubin Mehta. A worldwide maestro who has achieved so much in his lifetime. I am truly humbled. The excitement is growing as the deadlines get closer. Here I share his sentiments about my next cookbook.

It has been an incredible year of learning and sharing. Fulfilling and positive. I can only pray and hope for the journey to continue through 2024 in good health and happiness. 

November 2023

I believe that when you love what you do, you are not ambitious, greedy, or seeking glory, since your passion for what you are doing is completely adequate as an end in itself.

Writing a cookbook is a fascinating task. They say everyone has an unfinished book within, waiting to be written. I think its true. Apparently I had four of them! Here I am trying my hardest to meet my own deadlines, enjoying my sessions doing the  photography, resolving the challenges, and making  connections between the topic and my life in the kitchen. Yes, I will  shortly be providing detais about my upcoming endeavour. 

October 2023

            Le Cordon bleu London shared more about my work on Parsi food and culture, and ongoing process of placing our ancient cuisine on the global culinary map. #passionwithpurpose. #revivinganancientcuisine one recipe at a time.

September 2023

                                The Fezana Summer journal shared about the honour                                                          Gourmand awards has bestowed upon Parsi cuisine. 

August 2023

Amazon decided that The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders is the "Highest" rated Parsi cookbook!

July 2023

This month marks the fourth anniversary of The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders. 

June 2023

On the cover of the oldest weekly jourmal in India (second oldest in Asia) 
Jam-e-Jamshed established on March 12, 1832. Indeed an honour for which I am grateful and chuffed! 

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Parsi community, which has championed my cause and encouraged me with their promise to keep lifting me high. Their faith in my work is overwhelming.
They reached out to happily share in my acheivement. 
ZASHA: Zoroastrian Alliance of Sisters Here and abroad, a women's platform has posted  this on their website
Parsi Khabar, who runs an e-newsletter, has received hundreds of comments of joy. They had this to post.
A message from FIRES in Houston and FEZANA was also received via email.
Jam e Jamshed, the oldest Parsi and Asian publication, established on March 12th, 1832, is currently working at their end to publish an article on The Vegetarian Parsi. 

May 2023

                                Umea City Library where the exhition of books took place.
                                  It is the largerst cookbook library possibly in the world.


You can see the presentation here

World Food Symposium
an award ceremony and presentation on Food Culture,
titled Parsi cooking, where it all began. 

May 2023

April 2023

Reminded by FB memories - I had forgotten to update last year!
The Times of India included Parsi topli na paneer in their 'native indian cheese' piece Say Cheese. I was interviewed by the author of the piece Dahitiri Ganguly.

March 2023

The BBC appears to have read my mind perfectly. With the festival of Navroze, the new day, the new year, and the advent of spring among the Parsi and Irani Zoroastrian communities of the world (among many others), I have been honoured with the privilege of being showcased on BBC World's Table and be the Editor's pick to tell that story!
My three-award-winning cookbook, The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders, has been picked by them and shares more. You can read this on BBC Travel and Culture. at this link. 

The journey began in July 2007, when I first met the then-editor and her assistant of BBC Good Food Magazine at Paul's in London's Marleybone neighbourhood. We talked about Parsi food, and I gave her a copy of The Manna of the Angels as well as a file of my recipes, which I had just finished teaching at a cooking course in a small hotel in Dorset. I never received a response. Nonetheless, it kept me interested enough to pursue them whenever I had the chance. I was fortunate to be accepted 15 years later. My mother was a big BBC GF fan, and I'm sure she'd be overjoyed to see this. 

February 2023

Mid-DAY magazine India 

Ghaas-poos-per-eedu is the perfect title for most Parsi vegetarian sceptics, who are already laughing. Those who are tickled pink are already planning their next dinner party joke!

January 2023

Happy New Year, it has been the month where one takes time to reflect, step back and relax and yet plan the year ahead. 2023 promises foodie excitement, lots to work on, research and enjoy. New avenues will open up for I invite everyone to try and taste one Parsi dish, to read one article on authentic Parsi cookery, its history and traditions. And better still make one Parsi friend, to learn about our mini community or tribe. Remember the mantra #revivinganancientcuisine one recipe at a time.

December 2022

After almost 20 years of perseverance....

There is a mention of Parsi cuisine in the December 2022 issue of BBC Good Food Magazine. It may be a small blurb, but it is a significant step toward the ultimate goal of reviving our ancient cuisine, one recipe at a time. An opportunity of sharing the stage of the culinary world shoulder to shoulder with all other cuisines. It's exciting to think that in 2023, Parsi food will be the buzzword in good food.

Book Launch Toronto 

Thank you for your overwhelming support at the book launch on Saturday, December 3, 2022 in Toronto. We had a full house and a "sold out" event. The "tasting table" was much appreciated, as people enjoyed tasting the recipes from The Vegetarian Parsi, inspired by tradition. Many people have been surprised by this cookbook!

A note on Parsi panu.
Food, culture, tradition, and heritage speak volumes about where we come from and how we exist. It depicts our past and shapes our future.
I like to call this my "Parsi panu." Over a century-old pieces of silver utensils are part of my great-grandparents' homes.
Water, milk, and wine are symbolically filled into the three karasyas.  The three katoris are a carrot and dry fruit pickle (gajjar mewa nu achar), a pickled lemon, and a tomato ginger jam. These are symbolic of the three pillars of our cooking: thiku, khatu mithu, spicy, sour, and sweet. The mini afarghanyu is used for light, where the candles stand in for the divo. And the soparo, is where we keep the sakur, or pieces of clear sugar. I believe that no meal is complete without a grain of salt, and I have pink salt crystals for that purpose. Flowers brighten everything, and the traditional rose is offered for sweet fragrance. Marble, wood, and metal are all elements of nature, as are the water, stone and tree that represent daily life. #culture #food #parsitraditions #parsipanu #heritage

                             A hint of "Parsi panu," as I like to call it. The silverware is all over a century old, including the afarganyu with flowers, the pigani, soparo and the katoris.

Ravo, bhokra and limbu nu cake.

Thank you for your overwhelming support at the book launch on Saturday, December 3, 2022 in Toronto. We had a full house and a "sold out" event. The "tasting table" was much appreciated, as people enjoyed tasting the recipes from The Vegetarian Parsi, inspired by tradition. Many people have been surprised by this cookbook!

What is a party if not bright colours? Flowers, almost as much as food, bring it to life.
My culture and heritage were incorporated into the book launch. A hint of "Parsi panu," as I like to call it. The silverware is all over a century old, including the afarganyu with flowers on December 3, 2022, at the Toronto book launch.

Posters have been published for the awards and cookbook fair in Umea Sweden 25-28 May 2023.

November 2022

Gourmand Awards: Food Culture Winners by Country 2023 has just awarded The Vegetarian Parsi-inspired by tradition, with an award in the category of best cookbook series. This is indeed a feather in the cap for Parsi food and culture. And, a very significant step in the right direction of reviving an ancient cuisine one recipe at a time with the ultimate goal of placing our delectable cuisine on the global map. 


At the book launch in London Panter and Hall - art gallery
Pall Mall 
                                                          on Monday 14th November 2022.

The Parsi Vegetarian, inspired by traditions is now being distributed. In India click https://bit.ly/NKVegParsi or email me at thevegetarianparsi@gmail.com for a copy to be mailed out to you. 
There is a book launch in London on Monday 14th November between 6 and 8pm and if you would like to attend it simply connect via email, instagram or facebook.  


October 2022

Please note:
I first approached BBC Good Food magazine in 2004 and hoped that meeting with the editor and her assistant in person and having her accept my recipe file would be fruitful. I have been patiently waiting since.

Parsi food must be a part of the culinary world. This is the ultimate goal. Our ancient cuisine is worthy of its rightful place. We have a beautiful array of foods, we are inclusive, and waste is not an option. It is both flavorful and familial. Everything aside, it is delicious. The second part of this project is to ensure authenticity. While every family has its own recipe, adjusted to its own palates, and rightly so, we must stand up for cultural appropriation—what is ours is ours. Entwined or not, certain things need to be kept as our own. BBC Good Food has agreed to accept my placement in their magazine three times for the time being. December 2022 and February 2023 will also have a spot for Parsi food.

September 2022

Available on Amazon 

It is still the pride and joy of Parsi cooking after three years. The World Gourmand Society has officially recognised Parsi cuisine as a regional Indian cuisine, putting it on the map. Thank you to everyone who has joined in and shared your journey of cooking, baking, teaching, authoring, selling, and reviving our glorious ancient cuisine in small and large ways. The future of Parsi cuisine looks bright. This is only the beginning of something wonderful.

August 2022

Come join us celebrate the book launch in London UK on Monday 14th November 2022 for my new cookbook The Vegetarian Parsi, inspired by tradition.

July 2022

#wzc2022 Wonderful pictures and thank you notes of appreciation for the cookbooks donated in memory of our parents who were proud Zoroastrians. The journey continues in the hope of #revivinganancientcuisine one recipe at a time - one generation at a time. 🙏

ZASHA -a platform launched to mentor others. Proud to be part of the team.

June 2022

The new book cover of The Vegetarian Parsi, inspired by tradition was launched 
to share and inspire to pre order.

May 2022
In February 2019, a group of dynamic young writers formed a group called "We The Bawas" on instagram. They were fun and posted really wonderful stories from all over the world. Sadly it has now closed down but I managed to find it on a random Kurdish website and here is the screen shot. Mine was penned by Natasha Pastakia. 

April 2022

WZCC - India chapter organised and invited me to be a part of  an interactive group discussion - you can watch this on you tube   

March 2022

The Howard County Library System invited me to share a platform with their local celebrity Sujata Massey - an award winning author of mystery novels. Sujata basis her books on a Parsi character referencing Parsi cuisine whenever she can. The conversation was great fun and the evening was a huge success. The recording can be viewed online  https://youtu.be/S-j0cmSnMxk

February 2022

The countdown to the millionth hit on my food blog Niloufer's Kitchen has begun. It is an exciting time and am looking forward to that day.

In the meantime the interview has been aired on television on the VOICE OF CANADA  to over 190 countries. This is now available on u-tube and facebook to view as and when you may get 41 minutes to spare! 

January 2022

Invited to be a guest on Voice of Canada. A TV show presented by Awaz Entertainment and graciously hosted by Mr Asphandiar Wadiwalla and Ekaterina Konysheva. 

December 2021

Time to reflect on the year gone by. 
Celebrations of Yalda - winter solstice, is an ancient Zoroastrian Persian tradition that continues in Iran. Yalda which means birth represents Mithra the mythological goddess of light sometimes in reference to the sun.

Poetry readings from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, Hafiz and Rumi at a Buzurgs (elderly family member) home, sitting around a food laden table in the warmth of a wood fire,  lamps, candles or dim lights through the night. As dusk breaks the family says a prayer or two silently making a wish for the year to come!

The food shared is symbolic. Dry fruits and nuts from the year's harvest, glistening pomegranates, each aril unearthed and passed around, with wine and fruit juice to sip. The pomegranate, symbolism of life itself. The watermelon - a summer fruit is offered as a mark of gratitude and hope for what was past and what is yet to come. 
Sharing stories and laughter as a family bonding the young and the old in togetherness.

The  Californian journal Chehreh Nama published a collection of Zoroastrians in the Art. Here is my contribution to it. 

November 2021

Continuing with my passion of food photography and creating a new cookbook to share my culinary culture and heritage I have been busy with my food photographer William Reavell creating beautiful pictures. His guidance and kindness has given me the confidence of sharing more of my own work in the new cookbook. 

October 2021

I spent the month working on my new project. A cookbook outlining the commonalities and origins of Parsi food over the centuries with other cuisine - mostly Persian. Since I believe that recipes are meant to pass on our culinary heritage this is my legacy I wish to leave behind. Through food we record not only our culture but  are able to unearth an entire civilisation. 
Pursuing my passion of food photography only enhanced my experience over the weeks. 

September 2021

September only confirmed that Dhansak is still the number one Parsi food favourite! I had an epic class with people wishing to be introduced to my ancient cuisine. We prepared the whole meal - Dhansak ( meat and lentil stew ) - caramelised brown rice - prawn kebabs - and the two kinds of traditional kachumbar - salad. The post got over 6000 likes within the first 24 hours! I was chuffed and amused. 

I was also invited yet again to the WZCC Foodpreneurs Program and this time we discussed crepes. We prepared the crepes and filled them with a chicken filling for the savoury and made the classic crepe suzette for the sweet!


August 2021

An honour to join the WZCC Foodpreneurs Program as a guest speaker. 
It is to help others who wish to start a whom food business. Mentoring is always a teachers dream. 

July 2021

July completed the first all vegetarian Parsi cookery course. It was a huge success with 26 participants - considering there is a preconceived notion that Parsis do not eat vegetables! 

I also celebrated my 2 year book launch anniversary with the updated cover!

June 2021

As I launch a sponsorship program to honour my parents legacy I also share my tribute to her.

A tribute to my ever gentle mum - calm, peaceful, with healing hands she was a gracious lady. Always smartly dressed she carried herself in elegance through her years. An artist and perfectionist she was never at ease with anything not properly done.
A baker par excellence she loved to cook. Her cakes and ravo, outstandingly delicious, are just always hard to recreate - for she had the gift of the "magic touch"!!
Timid and shy she preferred to remain in the shadows. Yet she had the most remarkable qualities which we will reflect upon and hopefully learn from. Patience, tolerance and respect is what comes to mind instantly. She was possibly the only person I know who never ever spoke out of turn - despising gossip or slander.
Her passing was planned by the universe offering her the most beautiful sunrise, a gentle breeze, the birds chirping and the sun streaming through the window, reminding us of her hometown of Karachi. And later as she was leaving us the God's showered her with raindrops welcoming her to heaven.

May 2021

A month of honouring my mum who passed on 15th May 2021 and my beloved aunt Villie on 25th May 2020. They left behind a legacy of fabulous cakes and desserts that will remain unmatched for years to come.

As we celebrate the life and times of Villie fui - one year on, it is with joy and pride that we share her talent for baking. She had an infectious zest for life and all natures creations. 
Her children have now put this beautiful booklet together in the hope that lots of you will share in her passion with happiness. Enjoy!!

April 2021

March 2021 

I am honoured to be listed along with these phenomenally talented women. Thank you Parzor for the acknowledgement. The Preservation of Culture and Heritage by PaRzor despite the challenges we face as a tiny community is incredible. My passionate journey to #revivinganancientcuisine one recipe at a time continues with the belief in the importance of preserving what continues to be a core part of our very existence. For those who do not know -UNESCO, New Delhi, has initiated the “PARZOR Project” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOc_MuOgidc


The Cooks Cook shares an article on Navroze

A review by the magazine Parsiana in India. 

February 2021

An 8 week course on cooking with vegetables was well received by many over zoom. 
Pictures streamed in while I supported fresh vegetables in various ways. We covered Mushrooms, Asparagus, Cauliflower, Carrots, Eggplants, Green beans, Okra and Spinach. 

January 2021

The year began with my new cooking course offering #cookingwithvegetables. It was well received and is being continued through the month of February. 

Niloufer's Kitchen was invited to demonstrate a 4 course Parsi Feast for the Gourmet Planet in New Delhi India. GP is a group of 70,000 foodies lead by Sonny Wali. 

Ankur Rohatgi moderating the demo for Gourmet Planet on Saturday 31st January 2021 while I was preparing the traditional Patra ni Mucchi - Fish in Banan leaves, Jhinga no Patiyo - Prawn in a tomato and onion chutney, Kesari Murghi - saffron chicken and Lagun no custard - a wedding pudding. 

December 2020

With the festive season subdued at best, people decided to celebrate in different manners. The #bookandspice idea for a gift was most appreciated. 

This hand sewn recyclable packaging contains the cookbooks, and homemade spices that are needed to prepare #parsifood. 

November 2020

The year was a busy one, with up to 4 zoom demos a week.  Invitations from different community organisations keeping me busier - FEZANA - ZANC- ZAMWI -TVIH- HC Community for Women and others. Thank you for the opportunity of expanding my reach of #revivinganancientcuisine one recipe at a time.

October 2020

The award ceremony to be held at the Alfred Noble House in Sweden has now been cancelled due to covid. 

September 2020

A fun evening with ZAMWI. We made Ravo and chatted about all things food.  Thank you for having me share in your weekly Monday night get togethers. May your community grow from strength to strength. 

Honoured and humbled to accept these awards from the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. The first one below is picked from the best 300 cookbooks published in the past 25 years from all over the world. The others are for winning for Canada and best in the Indian Regional category for 2020. Thank you to everyone who have been part of this incredible journey.

August 2020

A letter from Edouard Cointreau
"This is the first exhibition of food and wine books at prestigious Alfred Nobel House Museum, for September and October 2020. Your 2 Parsi cookbooks are part of the 300 books exhibited, selected from the best of the past 25 years of the Gourmand Awards"

Humbled for this honour. #parsifood upward and onward.

Lots of baking this month.
We did a baking course over two days and six hours.
It was a small group and very interactive. Moderators are an important part on zoom demos and Delna Madon is exceptional. Here are a few pics.

July 2020
Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2020
Verified Purchase
Nice & clear instructions with all ingredients & the recipe size listed on side. Tips at bottom are very informative . Every recipe has clear full photograph . The book has a great variety of recipes , and history of Parsi food in beginning is informative . Bought for my wife and she loves it. Thank you

June 2020

                                                                        Via Instagram on 22nd June 2020
Found this on Amazon. Am ever so grateful.

Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2020
Verified Purchase

My curiosity about Parsi food led me to buy this book and I am not disappointed. The recipes are interesting yet not intimidating. The photos make the dishes even more enticing. Most of all the stories the author tells are a treasure that share her love for family and cultural heritage. Beautifully done!

May 2020

The month of May has been gratifying. A constant stream of zoom-in demonstrations has had an outpouring of a stream of people queued up to learn Parsi cooking. 
The light in the darkness? Perhaps. I have met so many new people, chatted with far too many to count and taught class after class after class. While the demos have been free of charge the notes and warm thoughts are a huge reward that could never be monetarily fulfilled. 
Thank you to one and all. Your sincere warmth will be etched in my mind and heart forever.

April 2020

Featured in an interview of The Cook's Cook Magazine by facebook. 
Denise Landis the founder of the forum and magazine said  "Niloufer Mavalvala, an authority on Parsi cooking. Along with some favorite recipes, Niloufer shared the historical origins and key ingredients of Parsi cooking. Niloufer’s live chat, on a cuisine that brings together Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Persian and even British flavors, truly embodied The Cook’s Cook Community Forum’s global mission." 
You can read the whole interview on The Cook's Cook Community Forum page on facebook.

Happy to announce that Niloufer's Kitchen has collaborated with World Central Kitchen run by chef Jose` Andre`s to raise funds for their emergency food relief and resilience programs around the world. We will be donating 50% of sale when you buy The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders via Amazon.com
Please be generous to help them do what they do best.

Thank you for your kindness at this time of need. We appreciate your support. #ChefsforAmerica #RecipesForThePeople #theworldofparsicooking #parsifood

March 2020

The Gourmand Award in round 2 has now also awarded The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders Top 3 "Best in the world award" . This is in addition to the Gourmand World Cookbook Award. The book will be included in their prestigious award ceremony on 3rd June 2020 to be held in Paris, France and be a part of their book stand. 

""The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders is in the Top 3 in  category C10 - Indian Cuisine for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards of books published in 2019  
You have now also earned the Best in the World Certificate.  As Top 3 in your category, you will be honored in Paris on June 3, 2020 at a ceremony in the evening, followed by a party. You are most welcome to attend, it is part of the Paris Cookbook Fair June 3-7, 2020.""  Edouard Cointreau Gourmand Awards - March 2020

January 2020

Ananya Barua writes about the history and tradition of the humble batasa - a butter biscuit still being manufactured and just as popular in India and also in some cities around the world. Thank you Better India for showcasing my work. 

The snazzy book blog has a review of my first cookbook The Art of Parsi Cooking; reviving an ancient cuisine. Its an honest and refreshing review. Thank you Laura Nazmdeh. The cookbook is available on Amazon.

The Medieval Magazine write about The Parsis: Community through cuisine. My interview with James Blake Wiener.

December 2019

As the year ends, it is with great pleasure that I share that The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders has been awarded a Winner of the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for 2020. It is in category C10. I am both humbled and honoured. It also wnet on to win 2 more awards in 2020.

This cookbook was also selected as a contender by The Guardian UK for their Christmas roundup of 2019. 

The Cook's Cook Magazine has run an article this month on Tandoors and Tandoori which was well received.  People have become more adventurous with flavours and aromatic spices as familiarity sets in.

November 2019

I was honoured to be in good company when The Guardian UK picked The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders as a contender for their annual Christmas round up of cookbooks from across the globe. While I did not make the top 13, it is wonderful for Parsi food to be recognised on a world platform.  

October 2019

A cookery luncheon this month was with the next generation of budding cooks and an interest in #parsifoodculture and #parsifoodtrail. My surprise was when one of them gifted me a video of the cooking demonstration. My newfound passion for the magic of film -what 4 hours can be portrayed in 90 seconds of film!

The Cook's Cook was fascinated by the Daar ni Pori in my new cookbook and has published an article on this delicacy in their magazine this month. 

Finally have something from the Parsi food repertoire in a mainstream magazine. Delicious UK - issue October 2019 has included a story and recipe shared in their Tastes Like Home section on page 76. It has been an exciting wait to be included in #1 food magazine. Well worth it I hope.

Jaijee masi nu Copra nu cake My grand aunt Jaijee's Coconut cake.

Three generations at work

September 2019

This month has been rather special on many levels.
From being invited to The Asha Centre in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire to do a cooking demonstration for 60 people to the London book launch at Luytens and Rubinstein in Notting Hill W11 where over 70 persons were in attendance it has been exhilarating. 
Ever so grateful to so many who made all of this possible. Dream your passion, be passionate about your dream. 

One of three buffet tables at Asha Centre for the luncheon 
The wonderful members of the WI that were guests of Zerbanoo Gifford that morning
Zerbanoo giving me a tour of her beautful gardens, orchards and vegetable patch
The entrance to the main house at Asha Centre
Finishing up cooking the lunch, don't miss those humongous pots in the background!

August 2019

The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders is now available on amazon.

Another review is up. This time its from Ancient History Encyclopedia. AHE is an EU award winning blog and shares insights into Parsi food since 2016.  Thank you James Wiener for helping me get the word out about this delicious ancient cuisine on a world platform.  

Jam-e-Jamshed established in 1832 

It is an honour when you get a full page in the oldest and world renown newspaper in the community The Jam-e-Jamshed. Thank you to the editor and owner Jehangir and Shernaaz Engineer. 
July 2019

The new cookbook The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders is now printed and available in Toronto, London, New York and San Francisco. It is also on Amazon.com 
You may contact me on niloufer.mavalvala@gmail.com or via fb, instagram and twitter on NiloufersKitchen.  

May 2019

A podcast for IVM India called Not just dhansak was great fun. Parsi Khabar carried the event with its usual gusto and charm. 

From a reader Simintini Patil One of the best podcasts I have listened to so far. Thank you : IVM for hosting the podcast , Perzen Patel for a wonderful and memorable interview & Niloufer Mavalvala for sharing your rich and valuable experience. Listening to this podcast, I was reminded things that I have been doing unconsciously in kitchens all these years. I am sure this podcast will be useful resource to those individuals who intend to document their food stories.

This month began with a thank you from London, England

"Your badam pak is out of this world. Jumpy and I both went crazy, I'll,have to hide it from him 🙊or he will,gobble it. The chutney is superb too. Ufff too good. I'm so chuffed. Almost skipped indoors and tasted it.
Thanks you sooo much. I feel very happy today. 🙏🏻😋 Dinaz"

April 2019

The first review on The World Of Parsi Cooking is now out! Hamazor Magazine published by WZO, UK has it on page 93. Attached for your convenience.

Very often people ask me ''Why'' I do what I do. Painstakingly prepare achars and chutneys which is so much laborious work. I have been saying to create an awareness among our next generation, so we can record all the wonderful aromas, tastes and flavours that many have neither heard of nor experienced.  Well, here is someone who wrote me a note yesterday capturing the very essence of the second part to Why!!

" Niloufer, we tasted your badam pak. It was excellent. Len loves it - he says, even better than vasanu. That's good, now I don't have to share my vasanu with him.

As well, no sooner your gharab nu achar touched my taste buds, it brought back the memories of my younger days in Bombay, when it was the last time I had this achar. Thank you very much. "

March 2019 

We had yet another successful cookery luncheon that was full of laughter and lots of humor. The Saas Khichri was the star of the show. We made Masoor ma Gos= black lentils with meat, Jhinga no saas- Prawns in a creamy tomato sauce  and khichri= lentil and rice , Lagun nu custard for pudding. We also made Murumbo- a sweet specialty made of white botttle gourd which each one got a bottle to take home to relish. 

March is the month where Zoroastrians and 300,000 others celebrate NavrozeParsiana the community magazine from Mumbai has dedicated the entire food section to Niloufer's Kitchen! Thank you Parsiana.
It was also a chance to do my very first podcast this month, which I will be sure to upload as soon as its available. It will also be available to view on face book at Pan to Page. 

February 2019

Featured in @wethebawas this morning.....

Moving to Canada, being further from family and childhood friends, created a need in me to dig deep and find the gratitude for everything that our religion and culture gives us.

Long before seasonal, locally grown, ethical, clean eating were buzz words, our mamaijis and bapaijis were living that way and cooking that way, all the time! Through my cooking, teaching, and writing I hope to give everyone an invitation to taste old world goodies that we grew up eating in our grandmothers homes.

I want ours and the next generation of Bawas to be confident and take pride in our Parsi panu and our Parsi #Bhonu. Let us sing from the roof tops not just about Curry Chawal and Dhansak (which BTW I love), but Murrabbas and Bafaats and Suva Paaks and Maleedos. .

So, now when your friends in the West, talk about Turmeric Lattes and Energy Balls made with nuts and ghee – tell them that your mamaiji made you drink harad nu doodh every time you fell ill or insisted you eat #Vasanu to keep you warm in the winters!.

Niloufer's Kitchen current book – The Art of Parsi Cooking is available on Amazon, as will her new book The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders later this year. 

Featured in The Parsiana Magazine Mumbai, India as The Mama Parsi Girls School in Karachi, Pakistan celebrates its centenary 

With the harsh winter weather forcing me to enjoy the warmth of my kitchen, it has been a delight to prepare and teach a few of the dishes in my new cookbook The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders. I have been offering these for sale to encourage those who wish to try something new before they choose to prepare it for themselves. 
I picked 3 old world favourites which are diverse and most interesting.

Gajar Mewa Nu Achar 
It is part of the 'wedding feast' or Lagan nu bhonu. Served with warm rotlis, sarya- fried crackers
and replenished to ones hearts content, the Gajar Mewa Nu Achar is prepared with fresh red carrots
lots of delicious dry fruit like figs apricots and dates, and delicately flavoured to be part of the Parsi Food repertoire with its holy trinity of tikkhu-khattu-mitthu.

Gharab nu Achar- Pickled Fish Roe, cooked in its sack. Its 'gravy' is delicious
made up of the perfect balance of tikkhu-khattu-mitthu the
holy trinity of Parsi Food.

This jam like condiment called Murumbo is made of white bottle gourd and delicately flavoured with rosewater and cardamom. Traditionally served with Dhansak.

January 2019

Welcoming the New Year with lots of plans for Niloufer's Kitchen.
Reaching 400,000 readers to kick start this year. Thank you to everyone for their constant support and words of appreciation. 
Editing the new cookbook to meet deadlines was a frenzy while having fun. It is done and now with the creative genius who is putting it all together for us to enjoy. It promises to be something to treasure for years to come.

January brought along an opportunity to enjoy yet another cookery luncheon with one of the best groups so far. We prepared  Chicken Khow Suey, (by far the most well received recipe on this blog), a Malaysian Beef Rendang (voted the favourite of the afternoon) served with fresh warm parathas, a prawn curry from Sri Lanka served with a ginger rice  which amazed most. We did a quick fix dessert of a Plum Tart with fresh plums, puff pastry and a delicious almond cream filling. Parsi Choi -Tea and batasas were enjoyed while we put our feet up to have a chat. It is always the most rewarding part of the afternoon to make new friends. 

31st December 2018

As the year drew to a close, it has been one to reflect upon. The constant reminder of how social media plays a part in our work, daily life and yet with the downside of everyone being on a phone or computer. I feel blessed to be at the age I am, to know and appreciate the beauty of living life without the constant electronic device or the need for instant gratification! To be able to hold a conversation is an art, that may wither and die, yet will continue to have its hidden charm hopefully superseding the art of techno-whizz. 
I thank you all for following the blog, for your kind words and gestures of appreciation and feel happy that I can look forward to the next chapter in Print. 

Here are some pictures to share of our last Cookery Dinner of the year, with a feast of Avocado and Prawn Salad with red peppers and artichokes, Vol au Vents filled with a chicken and mushroom in a sherry sauce, Beef Stroganoff with a side of Potato Anna and garlic bread. Cheese fondue and lots of wine. The dessert was a warm orange semolina cake crusted in pecans with a sauce to go with it. Bon Apetit!

8th November 2018

5 years on, Niloufer's Kitchen has got over 365,000 readers, 1 published cookbook, 10-e-books and a tv appearance. But the real excitement is for the future.  Its a second cookbook The World of Parsi Cooking : Food Across Borders that is our current focus. Our timeline to launch it is mid 2019. 

November has also had excitement with capturing a spot at the Congress, Parliament of World Religions in Toronto. 

While it also sponsored the OZCF Seniors luncheon on Wednesday 07th November for over 40 persons.
Hi Niloufer
Words cannot express our gratitude for the delicious lunch you provided for our year end yoga and Zumba session today.
Without exception every one enjoyed the curry and rice.
Really a great way to end the year.
Thanks and regards
Minnie, Gulrukh and Kamal.

27th September 2018

It has been an amazing summer. Invited to be a guest chef on the TV program Outside and In with The Cook's Cook in Exeter New Hamshpire USA to chat and cook with Mangoes. Here is a short video of a Mango Lassi.

30th April 2018

This months letter of appreciation chosen is from the Restaurateur The Maharaja in Canada.

Hi Niloufer,
Hope all is well. I have to let you know that your recipes are simply wonderful. Prepared an entire Parsee Meal today, picture below. Needless to say Jehangir & Kids enjoyed every bit of the meal. Looking to join in on a cooking session when time permits, do keep the mails coming ! 
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful recipe book. 

Regards to your family…. 

Sheryl Serrao

26th March 2018

I received an email of thanks this morning. Ever so grateful for the kind words of appreciation.

" Dear Niloufer,

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon.  I truly enjoyed your hospitality, your friends and of course, the wonderful food.  I have been looking through the book and can't wait to try out all of the recipes.
It's so amazing how much you know and how much I learned in such a short time.  It is always a pleasure to see your mom; she is such an incredible woman and I see where you, Shamineh and Nasha get your immeasurable talents and strong sense of family.  It was a really uplifting experience.

Once again, grazie mille.

Love Axxxx "

25th March 2018

We had a cosmopolitan group of friends this afternoon and enjoyed some interesting foodie discussions. We all live right here in Canada, but come from Colombia, Italy, Karachi, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and the Punjab. Diverse fusion foods was the topic of great interest. We all learned so much enjoying a Parsi Vegetarian Thali. Perhaps a first? 

We prepared coconut rice, masala ni dar, parsi saas with veg, ravo, chori papayta and khati mithi guar. I also served up my gajar mewa nu achar, mango chutney and keri nu buffenu with rotlis.
Translation... Mixed Lentils, A trational dish called sauce made with tomatoes, a pudding called ravo, yard long beans with potatoes, cluster beans that are sour, sweet and spicy. I also served a carrot pickle, green mango chutney with raisins and ginger, mango pickled with mustard all served up with warm breads.

11th March 2018

A meal that we made up and called "tea_ner" ! It was fun with vibrant people who were ''foodies''. We made a few good things together. Mushrooms in a puff pastry, chicken in balsamic, pavlova with a sherry custard and delicious mussels in a smoked salmon cream sauce.

17th February 2018

"A successful cooking session in Niloufer's Kitchen Learning how to cook delicious Parsi cuisine 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 thanks so much for teaching us Niloufer Mavalvala, we learnt a lot in this fun and informative cooking session💕😊🍗🍲🍳 Here is a video before we indulged in the feast 😀What a fun way to spend a Saturday evening! #dinnercookingsession" Supriya Aroora

15th January 2018

Thank you to Sharookh and Rukhsana Daroowala of Vancouver for sharing their yummy Chicken Curry from the cookbook The Art of Parsi Cooking; reviving an ancient cuisine. It is also available on Kindle for your convenience.

11th December 2017

What is "Parsi Food"? Here is an article that shares its origins and gives you a good idea of why its healthy, nutritious and worthy of a try.

26th November 2017

Cooking luncheons are great fun. It brings friends together, we share foodie tales and laugh at all our exciting mistakes that land up creating a unique dish. I also learnt that 'Talents are not talent, until it is shared' agreed?

We enjoyed Parsi Cooking, with Paaprie, Tamota per Edu, Masoor ma Gos, Guar ma Jhinga and Chaapat which I turned into a 'cake' with marzipan served with saffron creme anglaise.
No meal is ever complete without a cup of tea to start the afternoon, ( and end it ); but we had a whisky cake, badam pak, bhakras and batasas to wait for the late lunch.

batasas in the jar, whiskycake bhakras, badam pak

Chaapat cake ( sans creme anglaise)
My lovely friends from Sri Lanka, India, UK, Africa, Canada, Pakistan, UAE; now that is what we call food across borders 

18th November 2017

Another evening of wonderful company and great fun.

Here we have made roulade, quiche, prawn crepes and a strawberry chocolate tart.

22nd October 2017

Had a wonderful class introducing recipes from The Art of Parsi Cooking; reviving an ancient cuisine. It was great fun and enjoyed be all.

September 2017

An invitation to share my thoughts on the Moringa Oleifera for The Cook's Cook Magazine.
Fresh Moringa Oleifera leaves that are dried and crushed and sold as a powder for health purposes.

8th August 2017

Isn't it cool to be featured on a twitter handle?

11th May 2017

Niloufer's Kitchen was invited to London's prestigious Cookery School as guest chef for the evening of Thursday May 11th 2017 to hold a cooking demonstration. It was the first opportunity to introduce The Art of Parsi Cooking and help revive an ancient cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu London.

The class was well attended by about 40 persons. It was an interactive class and positive feedback gave it an added pleasure.

The advert at Le Cordon Bleu London Cooking School for the upcoming demonstration
Preparing the dhun dar Jhinga no patiyo,~ lentils, rice and Prawn Patiyo. Parsi Custard and Persian Aab Dugh Khiar a dip made up of yogurt.

The news feed on the televisions all over Le Cordon Bleu London cookery school in Marylebone on the day off.
Some of the 40 guests watching the demonstration on large mirrors

Dhun Dar nay Jhinga no Patiyo with a lasan nu vaghar; Lentils, rice and Prawn Patiyo, with a garlic tarka to top it off.
Served in antique measuring spoons, to show the proportions of the trio.
A serving of Parsi Custard; Lagan nu Custard
The final product!

April 2017

An invitation to Le Cordon Bleu London to speak and share more about the cookbook, 

The Art of Parsi Cooking; reviving an ancient cuisine.
Registration available now.

Guest Chef Demonstration
Niloufer Mavalvala


March 2017

Niloufer's Kitchen
Published by Niloufer Mavalvala12 hrs

I’m so happy to announce that Niloufer’s Kitchen has reached 200,000 hits on the blog! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your ongoing readership and support. What an incredible journey it has been walking with each of you to reach this remarkable yet humbling milestone.
The Blog has featured cuisines from over 50 countries and to mark this very special day, Niloufer’s Kitchen has been invited to be part of a program called #FoodWithoutBorders. Undeniably, food brings us joy, builds friendships, promotes fabulous ‘’foodie’’ discussions and most importantly creates cultural awareness. Food provides a wonderful opportunity to embrace our differences and connect with people from every corner of the world. Here's to sharing with many more!

The Art of Parsi Cooking; reviving an ancient cuisine

is showcased at the London Book Fair 2017

February 2017

Barnes and Noble, USA has also selected to make the cookbook available through them!

January 2017

The book is now available in Indigo/Chapters/Coles Canada.

December 2016

A fellow blogger  from the UK, Tori True has picked my book to review. Here is the article on her blog Chilli and Mint

This month I have shared my experiences of a city I passionately love and visit ever so often. Read more about it in this months The Cooks Cook; a magazine for all things foodies love. London it is.

November 2016

The award winning website Ancient History Encyclopedia has picked my book to be included on their pages. Indeed an honour for this inclusion.  Read about Ancient History Et Cetera.  

"On 17th November 2016 we won the .eu web award from EURid and the European Commission. This is an immense honor for us as it means our website is recognized by a governing body of the EU."  Professor and Historian James Blake Wiener.

Invited to an evening of introduction and book signing by Bombay Street Food,Toronto. It was fun to meet their regulars, accompanied by some friends and fans. Also a chance to taste 3 recipes from my book The Art of Parsi Cooking. Safe to say the food was appreciated with gusto. Thank you to Amreen Omar and Seema Omar for extending me their hospitality.

October 2016

Read a review on the new cookbook The Art of Parsi Cooking of your choice?

Sarah Hodge of BundtLust.com a blog that reviews cookbooks worldwide has now reviewed the new cookbook The Art of Parsi Cooking and awarded it  5 stars, read more...

Austin Macauley shares The Art of Parsi Cooking as one of their must have cookbooks.

September 2016

Another review for the book from a fellow  blogger Perinaz Avari of Peri's Spice Ladle

August 2016

Al-Arabiya decides to love The Art of Parsi Cooking. Thank you Nabila Pathan.

The launch in London for the published book The Art of Parsi Cooking;reviving an ancient cuisine was a success.

Click to read all about it

The Big Day in Pictures.

By the publishing house Austin Macauley review by Lily Ryan

The magazine The Cook's Cook has yet again featured an article by Niloufer's Kitchen. This time its all about the healthy seed Moringa.

July 2016

Parsi Khabar shares more on the new cookbook

The wonderful Culture Trip blog with a following of over 3 million readers, has picked the new cookbook The Art of Parsi Cooking to review! Read more ....


The magazine The Cook's Cook featured Niloufer's Kitchen several times.

Here are two links to the articles.


While Chaat Magazine from the UK also invited Niloufer's Kitchen to publish a favourite recipe from its collection of Parsi Foods. Amenu of khichri kudhi and kheema followed by the Khopra Pak was featured with brilliant pictures and a short write up about "Who is Niloufer".

May 2016

Spain has some incridebly tranquil islands to enjoy.

The balearic-islands in the mediterranean

December 2015

The festival of Yalda is a rather interesting old Persian tradition. Niloufer's Kitchen is a proud participant in this Fezana Journal that has done an issue related to this. The recipes contributed for them are now on the blog to share and enjoy! Links below.


Shirini Panir    A  healthy sweet dish with fresh fruit.
Farsi Chole    A dip made from chickpeas and  roasted eggplant

October-November 2015

It has been a very interestingly busy time for Niloufer's Kitchen. Another successful trip to William Sonoma was well received on Saturday 7th November 2015. 

We are also working toward getting featured in a cooking magazine. 
Here is the latest article in Huffington Post to enjoy! Do remember to click, read, comment and share it.

With Curry being the buzz word these days, it was appropriate at this time to share some knowledge of it.

September 2015

A trip to William Sanoma. Niloufer's Kitchen was invited to do a demonstration at the Sherway Gardens Store in Toronto on Saturday 29th 2015. 

It was a delightful afternoon meeting lots of wonderful folk who enjoy good food. 

August 2015

Over 75,000 readers on my personal blog, Thank you for enjoying Niloufer;s Kitchen.

Read the latest or click for all the links to my page on The Huffington Post.

How Spain Stole My Heart


July 2015

My thought for the day, week, month, year and a lifetime......

"If people knew, as I know, the results of giving and sharing, they would not eat without having given,
nor would they allow the stain of niggardliness to obsess them and root in their minds.
Even if it were their last morsel, their last mouthful,
they would not eat without having shared it, ! if there were someone to share it with."

The Buddha

ps. niggardliness means, stingy or miserly

June 2015

And here I am having over 65,000 readers on www.NiloufersKitchen.com

Thank you all for enjoying my work and sharing your views and pictures of all the food you create with me.
The journey continues.

May 2015

Read all about my recent Culinary tour of Florence, Italy. Mangiare a Firenze on www.huffingtonpost.ca

Being a co-host in Ozlems Turkish Cookery Class in Weybridge Surrey in the UK on 10th May 2015 was a fun event. 

"A fab session - learned loads and thoroughly enjoyed the food

Keep blogging and cooking, Tom"

"Niloufer, I must say your Yogurt dip from you book Niloufer's Kitchen: Persian Fusion was the best dish of the class..... Y."

"What a sweet note dear Niloufer, most kind, many thanks – it really was a pleasure to meet you and have you in the class – so glad you enjoyed it and we all loved your dip! : ) Hope we can get to enjoy good food again soon. Ozlem Warren"

Love of food has no boundary; dear Niloufer from the delicious Niloufer's Kitchen joined my Turkish cooking class last week, all the way from Canada and very kindly shared her delicious yoghurt based dip. Many thanks

Niloufer's Kitchen:Moroccan Cuisine gets recognised by Amazon, It has been promoted over and over again. One of the reader had this to say......

Thanks to Niloufer Mavalvala we had a great Moroccan dinner. Celebrating Maria Westaway's birthday. Niloufer it was all from your book. The fennel and pomegranate salad, the shrimps in the marinade, the chicken tagine and the couscous.

April 2015

Just crossed my 60,000 reader mark!  It is indeed a milestone. Thank you all for the overwhelming support of this blog. I shall continue to work harder for each of you.

March 2015

I have just been accepted to the Huffington Post Bloggers Club!! Read the first article by clicking on The French In My Food I do hope you enjoy it.

This amazing bakery is still alive and doing well after centuries! Check this connection out on  http://www.nilouferskitchen.com/2014/09/batasa.html

Isn't that an exciting find?

At the famous Dotiwala Bakery in Surat. Cyrus Dotiwala gave us a special access tour of the back of house bakery operations. And a gift hamper to all of the Fellows. Thank you Dotiwala Family for being gracious hosts and welcoming us to your bakery ‪#‎RTR2015‬

February 2015

I have been asked a few times to share a few of my publications in different magazines over the last few years.

Here is a link to one of them available on the internet.

Hamazor-Issue 1/2013 Chutney MayRee ; a connection with ones roots through their foods

http://www.w-z-o.org/dmdocuments/Hamazor%2013-1Ver4.pdf  You can also read this on this blog under the heading My scrap book and Publications along with another called  Culinary Links between Parsi and Persian Cuisine.

An interview in Al Arabiya http://english.alarabiya.net/en/life-style/art-and-culture/2014/11/14/Parsi-cuisine-Flavors-of-ancient-Persia-swirled-with-Indian-spices.html

January 2015

The beginning of every year brings round expectations. Health and food are generally forefront when one begins the New Year. As always 'trends' come and go and this year promises to be no different. Healthy foods are at the forefront. Natural foods are the current chat of the town. Healing ones body with eating the right food is very trendy. Old grandma tales suddenly seem to be the honest truth!! Turmeric is the spice of the century, try it for any pimples, boils, even small glands, cough, colds and congestion. Vitamin D is the new priority to promote good health; Mushrooms can provide our daily dose of that. Apples and ginger are definitely a must.Enough of healthy eating. 

And then, there is always good food. The trendy meat of the year will be Duck. Incredibly delicious it needs to be introduced in our daily diets. My show stopper for the year is the Duck Poutine. Canadian at heart, this dish is exciting, flavourful, easy to prepare and perfect to eat as a family. The same preparation or leftovers can be made into "pulled duck rolls" ? 
Here's your chance to plan your "Poutine Party" and impress your family and friends.
Bon Appetit!

Decembe 2014r-January 2015

It has been an eventful and amazing year for which I am ever so grateful. 
Niloufer's Kitchen has been hard work but has enriched me with knowledge, friends and many fans.
Food is a universal language that can spread happiness and bring many a smile! Glory to those who can enjoy the art of sharing each meal with all who walk beside them through life's journey; remembering that food does not need to be exotic or exquisite but simply created with passionate love. 
Happy New Year!! Here's to health, happiness and true contentment.

November 2014

Niloufer's Kitchen has been featured in a London based newspaper this morning called

Al Arabiya. It is a small article on Parsi Cuisine. It is both heartwarming and humbling to see ones passion being acknowledged and appreciated. I share this article with you all.
Click on the link to read it if you wish, http://english.alarabiya.net/en/life-style/2014/11/14/Parsi-cuisine-Flavors-of-ancient-Persia-swirled-with-Indian-spices.html

October 2014

Here is my new e-cookbook Niloufer's Kitchen: Persian Fusion. Remembering the wonderful Persian food we ate while living in Dubai I was curious to create my own. Canada proudly excels at Persian food and it is often that we enjoy it as a family. The familiar flavours of saffron, pistachios, cardamom and cinnamon the wonderful Torsh o Shirin; (sweet and sour/ Khatu Mithu),and more, sparked a desire to share this amazing cuisine. I invited 15 of my close friends and cooked all the dishes to share. To get a feed back on this first hand. It was a huge success and hence the e-book was created. Click on this link and try it for yourself.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OSMWS74 

Pictures of the recipes included are available to view on the blog under My New Cook Book.
Nooshe jan - simply put, May your soul be nourished.

I have been approached by the San Sar Organisation to create and run workshops to help spread awareness of Eating Healthy. It is a sister concern of the CCRN; Canadian Cardiovascular Research Network set up in Brampton, Ontario.

A friend has recently requested I share recipes of my version of Persian Cuisine. I am in the process of creating my latest e-cookbook, Niloufer's Kitchen: Persian Fusion and most excited at this project. Look out for it being announced in the very near future.

September 2014

A year has flown by and what an incredible journey it has been. From over 30 Thousand hits on my blog, to 4444 loyal fans to date, it is fun and incredibly rewarding. I have lots more planned for the next 12 months which I will be continue to share on this blog and my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NiloufersKitchen. I hope you all continue to walk my path alongside.

13th August 2014

The last 2 months have been busy for me as blogging is almost a full time job! Keeping up with posting, replying and cooking to take beautiful pictures which I share is very time consuming. I am grateful that I have had so much positive feedback, am approaching my 3000 likes for the facebook page, have crossed the 25000 milestone for my blog visits, have had quite a few inquiries to share more recipes and last but not least the honour of two recommendations. I was picked in the top ten food bloggers by Peri' s Spice Ladle as #5, in April 2014 and more recently on 06th of August 2014, Amazon has recommended my French Bistro e-cookbook as one of two  to choose from, for Regional and International cuisine. Humbled and honoured. 

22nd May  2014

Thank you for liking the facebook page. Also for sending me so many lovely messages encouraging me to create more and share more. 

I am so pleased that you all enjoyed my very short but effective  video on flipping crepes! I had over 5000 hits which was simply amazing! For those who missed it simple click to enjoy.http://www.nilouferskitchen.com/2014/04/flipping-crepes.html

10th April 2104

Technology is changing faster than most of us wish. And now the app Kindle reader has yet another update frustrating many of us. https://read.amazon.com/ This link is supposed to make things easier so please do give it a try. It will update your old Kindle app and  streamline your next purchase of any e-book you plan to download. Good Luck!

18th March 2014

http://www.nilouferskitchen.com/2014/03/niloufers-kitchen-french-bistro.html for a preview of pictures and more OR 
click http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J2KMB4C to purchase from Amazon.

The latest book from my treasure trove is a collection of My French Bistro recipes. These are old classics like Coq au Vin, Boeuf bourguignon and Creme` Caramel. I have a French Onion Soup but with a twist of Mushrooms added to it! 

And you can have a detailed step by step recipe on how to make the best mussels ever. Tips on how to buy them and cook them. It has a delicious smoked salmon sauce to enjoy. 
Duck cooked simply and served elegantly on a bed of green beans and potatoes; Duck a l'orange.
A duck salad for the adventurous. Last but not least I have shared my very own family recipe of Beef Stroganoff, originally a Russian dish! It is simply delicious and truly simple.
An almond frangipane with Chocolate Ganache and Berries could not possibly be an objection to raise. 
Be ready to cook up a storm with a range of red and white wines, liquors and liqueurs both. Its simple, creative and a foodies heaven on earth. 

8th March 2014

The Gluten-Free Gourmet e-cookbook is on sale now. It contains food that everyone can enjoy.

My own versions of the old classics like the French Onion Soup, Chicken Liver Pate`, Beef Stroganoff, Coq au vin, Potato Anna are included. I have also added a Duck Salad with a Raspberry Coulis and a chocolate and berry frangipane which is stunning both visually and to the palate. 

Click http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IV6D81Shttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J2KMB4C for more!

4th March 2014

Gluten Free wine? 
Not many people would have heard that wine which is listed under gluten free may be able to cause some trouble for the allergic and the highly sensitive celiacs. 
The real reason is not in the wine itself, but the wheat paste used to seal the barrels that are stored for the wine to mature in. Not all cooperages use a wheat based sealant but then many still do. This does not necessarily touch the wine, which is also often filtered several times before being bottled but traces may be found in some of the wine bottles as a result.

With awareness for Gluten allergies rising in the past decade wineries are hopefully finding a solution to this which would be most helpful to wine lovers all over the world.


3rd March 2014 

Gluten Free is the theme of this month.

More people are now gluten-sensitive than ever before. They may be either allergic to gluten, suffering from celiac disease or just slightly sensitive to the point of feeling "uncomfortable" after eating gluten-laden foods. 
There are lots of delicious recipes available for everyone who wants to avoid gluten. Anumber of fans following Niloufer's Kitchen have requested me to share which ones are gluten free for them to enjoy.
I am putting together a Gourmet Gluten-Free e-cookbook to entertain friends or prepare on festive holidays, but in the meantime will be posting the ones already available on Amazon as part of my previous books. This is my Mulligatwany soup, a part of my Autumn Cookbook. Click http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FCZC36C

23rd February 2014

The Pink Okra

Nature never ceases to amaze me. The humble okra is grown in this stunning colour. However when cooked it turns green again! I have personally never had the pleasure of either buying it in my local market, nor had the pleasure of stumbling into finding it in any other market that I have visited across the globe. I have not seen it on a menu either. If any of you grow it or have knowledge of it please do share. I am both, interested and intrigued!


                                                                                        Images from Google

21st February 2014

Okra: A pod worth picking on.

Originating from Africa, the word Okra called okwuru may have sprouted from one of the Nigerian dialects in the Igbo Language. The French call it Gumbo. The Indian sub-continent Bhindi, bheeda. The Arabic world, Afghanistan, Iran and the Middle East all refer to it as Bamia/Bamya/ Bamieh. The Egyptians refer to it as a stew with lamb similar to our Parsi Bhida ma gos! It is also popular in the Far Eastern world of Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand in particular.

Mostly eaten cooked, it can be consumed raw. Keeping it crisp has the maximum nutritional values. Crispy fried in tempura batter it can be delicious. Try the same in a pakora batter. Stuffed Okras are a delicacy served at weddings in certain cultures! 

I can just imagine those noses being turned up at this understated, happily avoided vegetable! If cooked right they can be delicious. Worth a shot, trust me.

People have always been clever enough to know which vegetable helped prevent and cure certain ailments. Our wise ancestors seemed to have shared their knowledge and stayed healthy with the help of natures bounty.  In modern days we are fortunate enough to find out the detailed analysis of everything. The DNA of a piece of vegetable is quite incredible. Broken down into Minerals, Vitamins and Antioxidants, it can tell us exactly how it can help us maintain good health. What we take for granted and shrug away lightly on a daily basis, can essentially be our road to preventive medicine. This could work to our advantage as we learn more about this amazing pod.

Modern medicine is a privilege; with that comes a price we pay. Food and nutrition may not be able to stop an illness in its tracks but it can certainly help us keep healthy and happy. Invest in your health, it is everything and more to enjoy life.

This green long pod of goodness grows on a small  green stem. The Okra itself can be short and stubby, long and fat or thin. slim and crisp. Variations depend on the geography and the soil where it grows, when it is harvested and lots of other factors. Part of the mallow family, it is related to the cotton crop, hibiscus and hollyhock plants. It is mostly a tropical plant grown in the heat of the summer.

The beautiful flower that blossoms on the Okra vegetable stem.
It can be rather prickly with the thorns!

Short and Stubby

Young and Tender
Naturally high in alkaline it helps to balance the acidity in our body. It is also considered to be a good natural gut cleanser; a probiotic. It contains the good flora which is known to prevent all sorts of stomach related problems; constipation and digestive problems. Colorectal problems and those associated with the Colon  may be kept at bay.  It helps in healing ulcers and acid reflux. 
Additional health benefits are a glowing skin. It can prevent pimples from popping up!
It is brilliant for nurturing the scalp. Including dandruff protection, it can help rejuvenate dry listless hair in need of new life.
People living in India, UK and Canada, regularly drink a glass of water soaked overnight  with fresh Okra to help diabetics maintain their blood sugars. 
Full of minerals and vitamins it helps build strong bones, prevents osteoporosis and looks after the joints in general. The Folic Acid present in Okra can help women keep healthy during their pregnancy. 

The plant is made of the outer green pod, the little white pearly beads inside and the "top" that is the root of the pod. It is slightly furry on touch, can be hard and fibrous as it becomes older and yet sweet and crisp when picked early on. It is best eaten when young and tender. It contains a mucilaginous juice which gives it the slimy texture; a result only once touched by a knife!  It is generally this slimy feeling that turns people away from eating this vegetable. There are a number of ways to reduce and avoid that.  

The sliced  vegetable

                                                                                          The slit vegetable                                                                                                     

Niloufer's Kitchen; Learn the art of eating!!

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12th February 2014
Quinoa: A resurrection or an epiphany?

12th February 2014

Quinoa: A resurrection or an epiphany?

The grain of the Gods. It has become a common household word. Its reemergence has made it so popular that the esteemed United Nations decided to award it its own  "Year". 2013 was declared the year of the Quinoa. 

The positive from that publicity; awareness of this ancient grain which is available across the globe for all of us to enjoy. Its taste, variety, nutritional value and health benefits makes the curiosity a tad interesting. Gluten Free, it is a good substitute to the gluten-heavy rice.

The word Quinoa originating from the Spanish language is pronounced as KI- Nwa or then kee-nu-wah by the rest of the world. It is grown on tall stalks across the continent of South America. Colourful little beads with a slight pop that bursts in ones mouth when eaten the choice is wide; White/ivory/pearl or Red/purple/pink/orange and Black/grey.

Quinoa grows in abundance in South America and originated in its rugged mountains of the Andes 4000 years ago. I cannot help but wonder what political motive left us starved of this amazing grain for the past decades. Time to catch up then.

Unlike rice, Quinoa is rich in nutrients, but it is cooked similarly to rice. Flavoured with salt and spices it can be cooked in water or vegetable stock /chicken broth. A good substitute to wheat and rice it has more health benefits then both. Antioxidants and flavonoids similar to cranberries and longanberries that help keep the urinary tract clean; it also contains the same Omega fats that fish oils provide us with to help our brain cells grow. These fats do not seem to lessen once cooked.

Important minerals like manganese, phosphorous, copper, magnesium,  fiber, folate and zinc also make up its DNA. These anti-inflammatory  agents make it sound like a multi-vitamin! 
With some personal experience I can reassure you that these above mentioned minerals help your aging, creaking bones from stiffness and achiness.
Interestingly it is the Saponins in the outer casing, which are the best source of anti-inflammation. But being bitter in taste this is removed when processed; much like the husk of the grain of rice. 

Making this magical gem of a grain an integral part of your daily diet may help you reduce the risk of diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer.

Recipes to follow soon for all of you to try and test out. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts about this beautiful tiny drop of a gem.

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10th February 2014

Roasted Garlic

Garlic in all forms is on the chart for good health. It builds immunity, and prevents disease keeping our pipes cleaned and clear. Many don't like the strong pungent aroma it can leave behind, but are unaware that the base of most food always has some form of garlic.  

Roasted garlic is a transformation of the pod. It can actually be sweet in taste as the sugars from this ancient root are released slowly caramelising the individual pod to a buttery softness. It can be pickled, stored in jars, added to soups, sauces and main course. Add it to a salad dressing, and use it as a spread on a toast. Consider topping that with some hard cheese and grill it before relishing it. 

I have used this in purees and dips like hummus, baba ganoush and cheese dips. My leek and potato soup is not the same without these small delicious morsels. 

To roast, simply remove only the very first layer of the whole garlic pod.  Wipe it with some olive oil. Place on a baking tray. Roast for 45 minutes on a preheated oven of 350F/180C degrees. When cool, peel each pod as and when you want to use it; Can be left in the fridge for a week or two, covered. 


If you use a wet hand to pick and clean the pod of roasted garlic, it will get mouldy very quickly and will not store well.

To pickle them in a jar for a month; peel all of them once roasted and  place in a sterilised jar, pour olive oil and a tsp of salt. Cover and refrigerate. Always use a dry clean spoon to remove from the jar to avoid mould.

In Canada, most good grocery stores sell it ready to use in their Deli Bar.

06th February 2014

The Mighty Caulis-Floris

Each year the people who like to eat healthy seem to concentrate on rejuvenating one ancient vegetable. 
These folks are taking the time and trouble to educate us on all the goodness of it, eventually hoping that by the end of the year, after sharing every tiny detail of its health benefit we are clever enough to get that particular vegetable to be a part of our lifestyle.

With Kale now being an intrinsic part of my daily life, we are ready to face the mighty cauliflower. The Caulis or the stem has the higher share of the magical stuff. The floris or the flower takes its share from the root itself. Like everything else the raw vegetable gives you the maximum benefit.

Unsure of its true origins, there is a toss up between the 12th century Arab gardeners or the Romans almost a 1000 years prior. Commonly found over the soils of the Eastern Mediterranean region, the Spaniards and the Italians still include it in their daily diet. The Medici and other Royals from France and Italy displayed many an elegant dish at their Royal feasts made up of this flower-head. It is believed there is a chance that it originated in Cyprus as the French often referred to it as Chou de Chypre!

Imagination is a wonderful artform of the human mind; and taking a moment to stare at the Mighty Cauliflower suggests it is a clever vegetable. The hard rooted white base holds the delicately grape-like clusters of flowers while the strong green leaves naturally protect the delicate florets! Nature, it seems, is a genius.

The French call it a chou-fleur ; literal translation is cabbage flower.
Not all cauliflowers are white and green; there is an all-green variety and a purple one as well.
Canada has started growing an orange one, which has 25 times more Vitamin A then any other. 
Unlike other vegetables, the size does not affect the taste but age does. Be sure to find a young one.
Frost destroys the crop; yet it is a spring vegetable that takes 75 days to grow.

Health Benefits:
It helps alleviate arthritis pain and it is known to prevent prostate cancer 

It is now the right time to help bring this inexpensive and highly nutritious vegetable back to its former glory in our home kitchens. Let us start putting its reputation for being bland and tasteless behind and reform our ways to make this humble frowned upon floret into everything delicious.

Regular updates will be available on this ''can be" amazing vegetable. 

16th January 2014

Pulse or Lentil

There are many varieties of lentils. Some of the common ones are the red Masoor dal; this is also called the split lentil. It is often used in the rice dish called Khichri/Khichdi.

The Indian Black Masoor  which is grown in many different shapes and sizes is referred to with a different name generally depending on the geographic area of cultivation. Also referred to as the Puy lentil in Europe it is often served as a warm salad base with some form of meat, grilled fish or even tossed with soft ripe cheese!

Then there is the Mung or Moong which is the "lightest"  and the easiest to digest. It cooks rather quickly and needs no pre-soaking.

The Channa dal or the split Gram lentil is the hardest and can take the longest to cook. It is often heavy to digest and can turn out to be  rather "dry" to eat if not prepared properly. But, it does have a delicious taste. It cooks easily when soaked overnight.

The Toor/Tuar dal or the Pigeon Peas is available in a choice of oily or plain. The Dhansak, with which every Parsi and his food is affiliated, is cooked with the oily toor dal! But as people are getting more health conscious, many are now either turning to use the plain Toor/Tuar or even mixing a few lighter ones in to keep it flavourful but easier on the digestive organs! 

Daals  are also cooked as a blend of two or more. Some have a skin on them but most are used skinless. The variations are endless.

Used in soups, in rice as Khichdi, as a sweet and in salads, it is one of the oldest food cultivated and known to mankind. It freezes well once cooked and has a long shelf life when stored dry.  

Some unusual ways of using daal/lentil are: as a substitute for ground meat in Moussaka; as the filling in a Parsi sweet pie called Dar ni pori; in Mulligatwany soup; even as a Halwa/sweet meat commonly available in India. 

It has been proven that the daily Iron requirement is covered in one portion of daal. It has high fibre, high protein and is high in Vitamin B as well.

It is an all round winner!

6th January 2014

This weekend we had a New Years pot luck buffet at home.  Many of our friends made what they could from my books and recipes. Just to share that the M'haancha dessert from the Moroccan Cuisine book got A+++ and everyone simply loved it. Just a tad behind that in line was the Roasted Chestnut Soup from my Winter recipe book.

And in order of preference was the Festive Chocolate Log, Cream cheese Oyster Dip and the Moroccan Prawns.
I want to thank all my friends for supporting my passion. I think I still love to cook only because you guys love to eat!!

3rd January 2014

This is to share that Rita Kapadia of Boston is also now an author of a book on Parsi Cuisine. You can visit her website at www.ParsiCuisine.com for more information.

Good Luck Rita.

1st January 2014

Health is wealth and good food is good health.

Let the New year be a dream of great food. This blog promises to be a wealth of knowledge on healthy treats for the next 365 days! Follow it, question it, discuss it.

You can find me on my face book page; Niloufer's Kitchen, visit me via  my website; www.NiloufersKitchen.com or simply email me via the blog.

Here's to an enthused circle of us; food lovers, party animals, and generous cooks who love to feed anyone and everyone willing to eat!

Cheers, Salute,  Sante`, Cin cin, Happy New Year!

28th December 2013

An overdue visit to the St Lawrence Market in Toronto this morning was definitely worth an early morning rise. For those of you thinking of going ''some time soon''; Make it sooner rather than later.

On entering this Historic Market; it was established in 1803, one can smell the mixed aromas of a variety of culinary delights. The freshly baked breads of every size, shape , form and taste cannot possibly be overlooked. Near the Boulangerie  is a small area to sit and eat. The perfect Cappuccino is made at a small Italian stall in here. For breakfast we had choice of omelette sandwiches, Eggs Benedict, crepes, Sushi, Greek grilled meats, assorted patisserie and even Korean Bibimbap. Add to this all that is freshly made on the floor above from burgers to lobster rolls; smoked meats ready to be eaten in freshly cut sandwiches.

Climbing the old stairs up to the Main Hall of the Market, life is beautiful. The  incredible choice of cheese, meat and seafood will throw you in a tizzy!! The wonderful oils and spices, mustards and condiments will simply take you to food heaven. The fresh fruits and vegetables,  the fresh flowers,  huge tubs full of olives, mushrooms and artichokes can only add to the melange of fresh and fine foods you get to pick from. Dried fruits like figs and sun dried tomatoes, preserves made from everything edible. The list is endless.
Plan on spending at least 2 hours. Even that may feel a bit rushed if you are with friends and plan on enjoying a bite to eat.

Happy New Year and Buon Appetito!

24th December 2013

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and  a happy, healthy New Year.
May 2014 bring each one continued success in your chosen field of life; Joie de vivre and most of all true contentment. Amen!

15th December 2013

Another new e-cookbook is available on Amazon. This one is geared toward a request by all young adults starting to step out of their nests into this world. University life, newly weds, young parents, everyone who needs to live on a budget, both of time and money. It is a great way to feed the family in the most nutritious way in the quickest time possible.

Look for Niloufer's Kitchen: Quick and Easy; Everyday wholesome Parsi food. Hope you enjoy it.

11th December 2013

I would like to share my personal experience on the benefits of  eating  Kale.

The most popular and frequently spoken of green for 2013!
My mother was asked to have Kale by her naturopath early on this year to help her feel better. Instructed to have it raw, crushed in a smoothie with other greens and powdered flax seed. Over a period of 6 months it has improved her general health. There is no doubt that she has benefitted from it in many ways. Cooking any of the greens looses many of its qualities; add it raw to your salads.
Choosing the best one is not simple. Buying it  almost everyday, has taught me how to pick the perfect kale leaf, which comes in a number of variety. For the smoothest softest ones, look for baby Kale. Organic Kale is worth the extra as it is less harsh in the mouth. One can eat the stalks of the Organic variety while the normal large Kale leaves needs to discard their stalk. It is not a bitter leaf as is the general belief. Start adding it slowly to your daily diet, substituting this dark green leaf for lettuce may be the simplest.
Kale has got 5 stars all over the world for its amazing nutritional values.

10th December 2013

Since there are some technical difficulties gifting the books I inquired from Amazon to look into this problem. They regret that they could not resolve the problem and hence we are unable to gift these books at the moment. Any inconvenience caused is regrettable.

3rd December 2013

The e-cookbooks are now a gift item. If you wish to gift these books for the festive season please go to www.amazon.com; being a parent company they only allow the gift to be purchased at their home based website.

Please ensure that the person you are gifting to has any of these to access your gift which will arrive by email to them; Kindle books can be read on any Kindle device, on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android device, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7, and through the Kindle Cloud Reader.
The country of their residence should allow Amazon.
My personal suggestion is to gift Niloufer's Kitchen: Winter for a complete set menu from start to finish for their Holiday entertainment. It includes all tips for preparing ahead of time and suggestions to make the day easy to enjoy. Just click this link below to access the book; http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G2US0EK
 Bon Appetit and Happy Holidays!

30th November 2013

Amazon India has been kind enough to give access to this direct link for those living in India and wishing to purchase this book in Indian Rupees. It is not accessible from anywhere else in the world. I do hope this makes it slightly simpler for all those who were trying to buy these e-cookbooks. Just click on the link and it will guide you straight to view and buy.




27th November 2013

Thank you for the request to start uploading Parsi Cuisine books.

Many of the choices  requested are from the pictures in the Gallery.
I have started working on putting them together. Soon there will be atleast two of them for you to enjoy.
One of them is on the dishes we prepare and enjoy on festivities like weddings, navjotes, anniversaries and birthdays.
The other one is specially prepared with all the working mums and dads who need something healthy, but quick to fix. It will also be easy and useful to the University student always rushed for time and finances. I do hope this is something of great interest.
Keep me posted with your requests.

23rd November 2013

It is time to inquire from all of you who follow my blog, to share with me what your idea of an ideal e-cookbook is.

A quick fix meal? Perhaps a meal which needs only one pot. Something to fit the University student budget? For mothers on the go? 45-60 minute meals?

I  am also getting some inquiries on looking into doing a webinar of some recipes from the present cookbooks. Showing you how to cook online through video to help you understand how simple it is to follow the recipes available.

Do send me your comments and thoughts. Interaction is a great way to sharing your view points.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

20th November 2013.

If any of you are living in the UK some of the quaint shops in London are well worth a visit. One of my favourite shops to enjoy is Books for Cooks located in Notting Hill off Portobello Road on Blenheim Crescent, W11.

The owner Eric is friendly and a great host. He runs a small kitchen upstairs where regular cooking demonstrations are held. There is also a small test kitchen at the back of the store where light lunch and coffee and cakes can be had.
Being a family run shop, they are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Also on holidays.
Do tell him you read about it on my blog as we are in E-communication!!
Contact details are
E info@booksforcooks.com
W www.booksforcooks.com

For some extra fun, go across to 1 Blenheim Crescent to The Spice Shop. It is an absolute treasure trove of spices from all across the world. The brainchild of Brigit who still manages to grind the spices with a stone! One can get any combination of almost any spice you can dream off.  For me it was like a kid in a candy store. It is a place worth a visit. I am so glad something like this even exists.

Visit www.thespiceshop.co.uk

I would love to hear back from anyone  who does visit these amazing

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