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March 2021

1 year old  in March, the #zoomclub started last year as the pandemic set in.  No one envisioned the time period we would endure moving forward locked down inside our homes. Life went on as best as possible. People adjusted to the new ways and many of us kept busy with new interests. 
On a personal level I learnt how to use zoom, organising free cooking demos up to 4 times a week which in turn found me new virtual friends from all over the world. As my zoom cooking grew in popularity, life got busier. This turned into a small group called #mycakebox and #zoomclub. A safe space where we share ideas of any cuisine. Parsi food has been the most popular among a bit of everything.

ligótero eínai perissótero - an old Greek saying that loosely translates to less is more is my mantra when sharing delicious recipes.

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Writing for The Cooks Cook, Delicious Magazine, Fezana numerous different journals has been a pleasure.
Several podcasts and zoom meetings discussing food is something that interests me. If you wish to have a discussion message me. 

I have just been accepted in the Huffington Post Bloggers Club. You can read all about it and chat with me through that page as well. Simply click The French In My Food.

Niloufer's Kitchen gets interviewed by Alarabiya in London, UK

November 2014

An interview in the Hamazor Magazine in 2007. Hamazor is a publication by the World Zoroastrian Organisation and archived in the British Museum, London UK.