Radhika Sekar 
Author and Professor University of Carleton, Ottawa
" Your book arrived yesterday. Wow! Very well written, beautiful pictures, and impressive content. I especially liked your introduction, which is such a fund of information. Dhansak is a family favourite, but being a vegetarian I have so far not been able to enjoy it. So am delighted that you added a veg version. Will try it soon. I like the egg recipes and my hubby also saw a recipe that he would like to try out. The mulligatawny as you write, is nothing but pepper water (mulagai=pepper and Thani= water), or rasam as we call it. But the similarity ends there. Rasam is very watery and rarely has vegetables except for tomato. Congratulations on a very good book. You can truly be proud of it. "
The Vegetarian Parsi, inspired by tradition.


From a face book post......

πŸ‘ kudos Niloufer Mavalvala for feeding a million mouths with mouthwatering dishes ❤️


The Zoom classes have taken on a whole new journey. 
From cooking with vegetables to teaching Parsi cookery to people interested in its history and setting up their own small home businesses - many to help themselves financially through the hard times covid has brought upon each one. 

I am proud to say at least 8 or more people have sucessfully started or added upon their own kitchens. Some have just become better home cooks sharing authentic Parsi food flavours with their family and friends. 

Here are some of the reviews I share.

It was an honor and a pleasure to connect with Niloufer and observe her while she made various Parsi delicacies. Niloufer is a wonderful person with a big heart, I truly appreciate her generosity for sharing the recipes, valuable information and her culinary knowledge with me. She demonstrates a lot of patience and takes the time to answer questions, she makes it a point to explain each cooking step in detail. It was indeed an amazing experience to learn from Niloufer. Thank you for teaching this very novice cook the initial skills to get excited and have confidence in making this culinary journey.

Shiraz Cyrus Billimoria
New Jersey
1st June 2021

Hi Niloufer, 

I am an Indian Zoroastrian and come from a  family of good cooks.

I had the privilege to visit Karachi when I was nine and twenty-one and realised that the food cooked there was a little different from ours, but tasted wonderful.  Luckily for me, I came upon the Parsis Exchange Recipes page  on Facebook one day and came across Niloufer.  I had memories of her being an excellent cook and so, was very excited to order her cookbooks and start trying her recipes.

The recipes from both the books made me realise that there is a whole world of treasures out there and there is so much to learn...and that is why I joined her classes on Zoom.  These classes have made me realise that direct learning from her, with the small, but invaluable chef's tips that she gives, and the patience with which she answers queries; have made me braver.

I am more confident of trying out the more complicated of her recipes, trying my hand at pickles and bhakras and chutneys...and as I hopefully intend to start a small home setup of my own next year,  I know that she and her classes will be a source of inspiration, confidence, practice and learning that will make me a better cook with every step.

Thank you so much Niloufer, kudos!


Vera B
Muscat, Oman
31st May 2021

Parsi Cooking

As is amply shown by your sustained efforts in teaching Parsi Cooking and cultural heritage, there  is value to nurturing “Intellectual Entrepreneurship”  

These investments in polishing the minds of individuals with skill sets that can be applied in daily living can multiply manifold in promoting  “economic entrepreneurship”.

 In the true spirit of “the caretaker”,
the genesis of the modern day meaning of
the word “entrepreneur”, let’s keep the good news coming.

Behram Pastakia
Metropolitan Washington DC
30 May 2021

Hi Niloufer,

As you know I learnt cooking very late and I was never so keen to go to the kitchen and prepare meals. I enjoyed delicious food cooked by my mom for so many years and she is back home and I miss those yummy meals. Secondly I have 2 beautiful kids and I would love them to enjoy our delicious Parsi cuisine like we did and still do now. All this motivated me to join your classes and take a step to get myself into the kitchen πŸ˜ƒ

Before joining your classes I knew how to cook curry chawal, Dhan Dar Patio and different vegetable dishes with standard masala :) 

I am a visual person and love attending your zoom classes. I have prepared some dishes which I have never cooked before in my life like Murghi Na Farcha,  Bheeda Ma Gosh,  Machi Na Sufade Curry, Leelu Balchao, Kesari Murghi, Bhajj Jhinga, Keri Kanda, Papayta Jhinga, Machi No Rus etc.

Firstly, I would like to cook more dishes and practice at my home to gain more expertise and comfort with cooking and then why not start a small business by selling our traditional pickles, bhakra, batasa, daar ni pori and such stuff. 

I would happily recommend you and your classes to my friends especially outside our community so they can also taste and enjoy our Parsi dishes. I look forward to attending your classes in June 2021. 

You have started a very good project which motivates people like me to go to our kitchens and explore new dishes and enjoy with the family. 

I wish you all the very best and thanks a million for doing such amazing work especially in this difficult time during Covid. 

God bless you and your family always πŸ’ž

Lots of love,
Niloufer Jamshedji 
Ontario Canada
30th May 2021

Hi Niloufer, 

It's been a pleasure to attend your cooking demonstration/classes through the pandemic.  I feel encouraged to prepare & share with friends & family some authentic Parsi pickles & preserves in addition to the daily Parsi dishes. Baffenu, Batasas, Bhakras, jams & chutneys from my kitchen have been relished & made it to my gift hampers for Christmas & Navroze during 2020 & 2021. 

While I am not selling my wares, now I make & bake at home, save money & eat healthy. 

What's great about joining & learning with Nilu is that any time I have a question on a recipe, she's only a text message away.  I encourage all  to help keep our Parsi Cuisine alive - purchase Nilufer's recipe books for yourselves & as gifts.

Thanks Nilu for sharing your talent, recipes & time.

Houston TX
29th May 2021

Hello, so first of all Thankyou so much for sponsoring me. I’m so lucky to be a part of these classes and learn from a Master chef like you, Niloufer.  
These classes were so good and well explained. Sharing your tips  and answering all our queries.

 These classes have been beneficial to me since I am a self taught home based baker. Many people have told me to add some Parsi delicacies and it is  because of you, Niloufer that I tried bhakras for the first time in life. 
I always used to think it would be difficult to make but when I made it the way you explained, they turned out perfect!! I have started selling them and everyone is loving it. The response I got was amazing. It’s all because of these classes that I gained confidence that nothing is difficult. She has certainly simplified our lives. 

No one ever seems to be teaching anyone the typical Parsi dishes and just the recipe doesn’t always help. We need visual demos to learn. I always used to think about trying out our Parsi cuisine but didn’t know where to start off. Thank you Niloufer for sharing your recipes and experience. Simply listening to you explain the basics and advanced methods is what I found most helpful here. This idea of zoom classes is awesome. I would love to be a part of further classes also if possible. Thanks a lot once again. May God bless you. 
Natalia Karanjia
28th May 2021

Hello Niloufer,

I want you to know that I have truly enjoyed your class, your expertise, and your passion for the Parsi cuisine and culture. Prior to this class, I knew nothing about them. Thanks,

Warm Regards,

April 27 2021

Hi Niloufer

Thank you! That was really fun.  I learned lots of little tricks of the trade from you.

I love the way you scrape each bowl and beater.  Just like my mother taught me!  Don't waste anything!

In appreciation,

March 17th, 2021
Sonoma County

Hi Niloufer, 

    My cousin from New Jersey was also at the Zoom demo for Dar Ni Pori today.
This is the first time I have seen it made & just wanted to let you know it was a very efficient Demonstration.
    I have been thinking about a name for the paste Masala Book you want to write about on someone’s suggestion.
    Hope you saw the Zoroastrian Celebration Zoom broadcast by ZOAM the Michigan Zoroastrian Association just now. We are indeed a very small but very talented community.

    Congratulations πŸŽ‰ on your book being chosen & recognized. I am very happy for you. You, Niloufer work very hard & deserve the credit you have received. 
    Also that you are so enthusiastic about spreading Zoroastrian Cuisine around the world for our younger generation who have not lived on the Asian Continent so marvelous of you & that too all for gratis. We are grateful to you for your ability & skill to teach us & surely as you know the bond grows between all of us.
I am not a person to use flattery where it is undeserved. You deserve every bit of it, our support & love.
Zarine Kapadia.
August 22nd, 2020

September 2020

August 2020

The first of many baking courses initiated over two days. We made 5 cakes - 6 if you count 2 of one type, 5 fillings/frostings and ganache and a variety of techniques from hand rolled biscuit to three types of meringue. It took us a total of 6 hours to complete. Three hours a day!
Here are the responses to the course.

My moderator Delna writes....I requested feed back on the two day course and these were the responses received:

Simin Masani -  “It was a great idea!! Worth every minute. 3 hours is just right. Very easy to follow instructions and method :)”
“I actually sneaked out of Professional Development classes  to another day…I am so glad I changed it …Lol”
“I truly enjoyed every minute of this 2 day course.”

Naz “a mic would help the sound quality - many thanks”

Havovie Pardiwalla – “great class and enjoyed every minute. yesterday I found it slightly difficult to keep up but today was easy peasy”
“hope I can make any of these to finish as good”

Zarine Kapadia – “It was a Joy to be on the Zoom Cake Baking Class. Learnt so many substitutes for different ingredients. Also learnt wonderful Techniques & Tips. Really worth our while attending. Great!”

Mahrook – “its was very helpful n the time was great. easy follow instructions   learned  a lot.”

rashna – “Very interesting and informative with good baking tips.  Delna, thanks to you too for your help.”
“Great job to you and Delna

Shoo – “Thank you so much really enjoyed the class !”

Mahrook – “thank you so much for sharing n making it easy for us.  classes were very informative”
Naz – “Thank you Niloufer & Delna - really enjoyed every bit of the 2 days. Lots of tips and tricks”

Comments for Future courses:

Havovie Pardiwalla – “keep me posted for any of the classes. will definitely join”

Simin Masani – “Thank-you Delna for all your help as always!!Please keep me posted of all the upcoming events. Weekends does sound like a good idea as well.”

Zarine Kapadia – “ Same here, Keep me Posted for everything.Thanks again, so much Niloufer & Delna.”
Mahrook – “that would be fine pls let me know would love to join.”

Fazilah Vajid – “I love the idea of one hour classes .  my friends would love to join”
“love the idea of plain cakes.  I’m in”

Looks like the course was a big hit!!
Well done

July 2020
Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2020
Verified Purchase

Nice & clear instructions with all ingredients & the recipe size listed on side. Tips at bottom are very informative . Every recipe has clear full photograph . The book has a great variety of recipes , and history of Parsi food in beginning is informative . Bought for my wife and she loves it. Thank you

May 2020

Found this on Amazon, Ever so gratreful.

Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2020
Verified Purchase
My curiosity about Parsi food led me to buy this book and I am not disappointed. The recipes are interesting yet not intimidating. The photos make the dishes even more enticing. Most of all the stories the author tells are a treasure that share her love for family and cultural heritage. Beautifully done!

April 2020

While thank you notes always warm my heart and make my day this one was particularly lovely. 

Hi Niloufer..I wanted to write to you and say thank you for your lovely recipes..I enjoy cooking and had bought a copy of your cookbook 3 yrs ago now..However in the meantime life got busy with a toddler n a new both baby and I never had a chance to read it or cook anything from it..until a few weeks ago when i searched for a nice nan khatai recipe and found yours in the book..They turned out so week made batasas, the badami chicken and veg pulao..each one loved by my little sons and husband and parents..Tom am going to try the chicken botis..Am sending u a few pictures of what i made..Your recipes are so precise and easy to follow and ingredients you always have at home..My older son Darius simply devoured the chicken..Thank you very much for sharing these recipes and making our meals interesting and delicious..Dilshad

March 2020

Daily Hunt India is an online News page that finds different newsworthy stories to share. Here is one about the humble batasa.

What more could one await then the Oscars of books? Ever so grateful for the recognition of our humble cuisine on a world platform. 

 ""The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders is in the Top 3 in  category C10 - Indian Cuisine for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards of books published in 2019  
You have now also earned the Best in the World Certificate.  As Top 3 in your category, you will be honored in Paris on June 3, 2020 at a ceremony in the evening, followed by a party. You are most welcome to attend, it is part of the Paris Cookbook Fair June 3-7, 2020.""  Eduoard Cointreau Gourmand Awards -March 2020

February 2020

All the way from the land down under Glam-Adelaide Australia has sent me a great review for The World of Parsi Cooking : Food Across Borders. The reviewer has mistakenly pulled me up for no content page, but rest assured folks, the book has a content page of sections and content pages to each section. Most importantly she loves the recipes and the Parsi Food. 

January 2020

A pleasant surprise to see another review up 4 years on. The Art of Parsi Cooking; reviving an ancient cuisine is back on the shelves and up for sale on amazon. Thank you Laura Namzdeh of Snazzy books for this fun read. 

A little story about the humble batasa in The Better India this month. 

The Medieval Magazine issue of January 2020 has run an interview about Parsi food.
James Blake Wiener questions me on our #parsifoodculture and #parsifoodtrail. 
The Parsis: Community through cuisine page 64

December 2019

I am truly humbled to share that The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards was kind enough to award The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders its annual award for 2020. It is indeed an honour receiving this award from this prestigious institution often regarded as the oscars in the culinary world. 

October 2019

The Cook's Cook was fascinated by the Daar ni Pori in my new cookbook and has published an article on this delicacy in their magazine this month. 

Finally have something from the Parsi food repertoire in a mainstream magazine. Delicious UK - issue October 2019 has included a story and recipe shared in their Tastes Like Home section on page 76. It has been an exciting wait to be included in #1 food magazine. Well worth it I hope.

My cookery luncheon was video taped by my young friend Tanya Hoshi and shared with much appreciation. 

September 2019

It does not always have to be a journalist or a foodie to write up a review. Sometimes young people can make your day really shine. 

My daughter made her first Parsi dish today - rus chawal from your book. And it turned out awesome. She found the instructions very easy to follow. Thanks Niloufer your book makes it so easy for them to learn😊 JM

August 2019

It is an honour when you get a full page in the oldest and world renown newspaper in the community The Jam-e-Jamshed. Thank you to the editor and owner Jehangir and Shernaaz Engineer. 
Featured in the Jam-e-Jamshed  newspaper (established in 1832)  in Mumbai, India 

The book is now available on amazon and it has a couple of 5 stars too!

Another review to share, thank you. 

From a happy client LD

"We enjoyed it as well. The mithu monu was outstanding. Loved all your preparations. Hoping to make dar ni pori sometime soon" its all about the book launch!

July 2019

This morning on instagram via Barbara Hansen of the LA weekly. 

A write up on the book launch by Parsi Khabar.

Part of a personal note from Toxy Cowasjee Editor Hamazor Magazine 2001-2019 on receiving the new cookbook The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders

"There are so many cookbooks in the world today and the Internet gives us anything we want but who can resist a visual, hands on delight. And you have given us that. "

An interview for the new cookbook by the award winning blogger James Blake Wiener of Ancient History Encyclopedia

May 2019

Hamazor Magazine published by WZO, UK has published a wonderful preview of my new cookbook The World of Parsi Cooking: Food Across Borders that will be available soon. It is on page 93.

April 2019

Niloufer we tasted your badam pak.
It was excellent. Len loves it
- he says, even better than
vasanu. That's good, now I
don't have to share my vasanu
with him.
As well, no sooner your gharab nu achar touched my taste buds, it brought back the memories of my younger days in Bombay, when it was the last time I had this achar. Thank you very much. Maki Trumble April 11, 2019

August 21st 2018 

Here is a review from Glam in Adelaide Australia that is shared. 

July 19th 2018

Farahnaz Salar Niloufer Mavalvala has written a brilliant book on Parsi Cuisine and is from Karachi Ayeshah Alam Khan

April 30th 2018

The Maharaja Restauranteurs in Mississauga appreciate Parsi Food

Hi Niloufer,
Hope all is well. I have to let you know that your recipes are simply wonderful. Prepared an entire Parsee Meal today, picture below. Needless to say Jehangir & Kids enjoyed every bit of the meal. Looking to join in on a cooking session when time permits, do keep the mails coming ! 
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful recipe book. 

Regards to your family…. 
Sheryl Serrao
The Maharaja, Canada.

February 9th 2018

A wonderful message from Maestro Zubin Mehta

Dear Niloufer Mavalvala,
Thank you so much for your wonderful cook book of our beloved Parsi kitchen... I am very impressed (and immediately hungry) and hope my thanks reach you, as I lost your personal address..
Thank you - and bravo!
With best wishes,
Zubin Mehta

11th December 2017

Not quite a review, but here is one that will share what Parsi Food is all about.

30th September 2017

on 30 September 2017
Format: Paperback

Darius Balsara This book is the best culinary investment I have ever made. The recipes are easy and superb in taste. Well done NM.

16th September 2017

A Book worth possessing.
on September 16, 2017

Every single dish is worth trying and relishing. A Must book for all cooking lovers. Parsi Cuisine at its best.

15th September 2017
Perveen Billimoria
Hi Niloufer, how r u all . Ur Badami chicken today was hit at the dining table.
The Art of Parsi Cooking; reviving an ancient cuisine.

27th July 2017

Yummy recipe! from The Art of Parsi Cooking. Found on instagram.

25th July 2017

As we approach the 1st anniversary of the launch here is what I found on face book.
Thank you to everyone supporting this cookbook. πŸ™

Lagan nu Custard from the most famous & the best Parsi Cookbook

19th December 2016

Another complimentary review, this time from a fellow blogger Tori True of the Chilli and Mint.

17th November 2016
An honour to be featured on the award winning website Ancient History Encyclopedia. Professor and Historian James Blake Wiener has picked The Art of Parsi Cooking;reviving an ancient cuisine and a sincere thanks to him for this inclusion. Read more at Ancient History Et Cetra 

"On 17th November 2016 we won the .eu web award from EURid and the European Commission. This is an immense honor for us as it means our website is recognized by a governing body of the EU."  Professor and Historian James Blake Wiener.

8th November 2016

Feedback on the book signing at Bombay Street Food Toronto.

Zu Bha Niloufer Mavalvala: Thanks for the shout out, but I did nothing.Bombay Street Food is absolutely wonderful. Amreen, Seema, Chef Don and their team of dedicated staff is what makes it a great venue to host all sorts of events from book launches to Saturday morning yoga/zumba. Give it time, and I truly believe BSF will become a cultural hub in the city booked with daily events. 

Also, thank you for writing this book. I sent one to my cousin in California and plan to try out a few recipes too. If there's one thing I love about my roots, it's the food. Can't thank you enough for taking the time to create this and sharing all these gems with the next generation of foodies 
Zeebundeh Khaleeli Niloufer, so glad I attended . The food, samplers from your own recipes were excellent. Loved your book. Bombay Street Food you provide both a welcoming and much needed space and lovely food!

28th October 2016

Pick a review you wish to read on the new cookbook The Art of Parsi Cooking.;reviving an ancient cuisine.

24th October 2016

Blogger continues to review cookbooks worldwide. The Art of Parsi Cooking, reviving an ancient cuisine was lucky enough to be one of her choices! Read the review here.

13th October 2016

Read a fellow blogger Parinaaz Marolia's review on my book from Pune, India. The Art of Parsi Cooking, reviving an ancient cuisine

3rd October 2016
The best review on Amazon so far.

on October 3, 2016
Format: Paperback

17th September 2016

Hi Niloufer, Congratulations on the fabulous cook book! Arrived last week and have enjoyed going through it! KK, Sydney Australia.

16th September 2016

Read another cookbook author and blogger Perinaz Avari from California review The Art of Parsi Cooking; reviving an ancient cuisine.

14th September 2016
A message via Niloufer's Kitchen FB page.

Hi Niloufer , I've been trying out your recipes depending on the ingredients I have at home. The dishes I have made so far have turned out fantastic each time. Dhansak, Papeta Ma Gosh, Jinga Papeta, Biryani, Curry rice, are just some of the many I have been able to cook so far. I don't know how to thank you for making my life easier where Parsi cooking is concerned. They are nice and quick as well and I don't find cooking a chore any more. I'm hoping to buy The Art of Parsi Cooking as well soon. Much love, xxx Fareeza M

10th August 2016

The Al-Arabiya News reviews the new cookbook

29th July 2016

Torie True from the Chilli and Mint tweets and pins on Instagram 

chilliandmintSo excited to start to cooking from #NilouferMavalvala new cook book 'The Art of Parsi Cooking - reviving an ancient cuisine'. ✨Great book launch ✨I particularly enjoyed the khatai biscuits and spiced coriander and cucumber sandwiches. Watch this space for 'masala na khekra - pan fried crabs with spices. 

Publishers Austin Macauley reviews the Big Launch for The new cookbook The Art of Parsi Cooking

7th July 2016
Featured on the amazing blog called The Culture Trip.

June 23, 2016 on twitter.

Joanne Weir
Jun 23
@TheCooksCook @NiloufersKtchn@AustinMacauley Cooked @NiloufersKtchnfood @chezpanisse for Parsi New Year. Extraordinary

Reviews for Niloufer’s Kitchen: Autumn

My Gujarati friends and I prepared a veggie version of the mulligatawny soup from your
cookbook. We used veggie broth and didn't add any chicken stock. We all loved it,
including their children who really loved it. - Jamsheed Wania

Thanks Niloufer! I tried the mulligatawny soup which was amazing! Still need to try the
other recipes. Amazing idea about these recipes. Wish you much success. - Masooma

Excellent recipes! Worth a read and trying these - simply delicious and
authentic. Perfect for entertaining your friends this fall. - 5 star review on

Delicious, Nov. 25 2013
The recipes in this book are so great, I will definitely be making them again next autumn.
They are perfect for the season.  - Nicholas Payne

Reviews for Niloufer’s Kitchen: Winter

The Escargot sauce was amazing. All 5 stars!! - Villy Divecha

5.0 out of 5 stars Great food to warm the soul!, Nov. 25 2013
Thank you Niloufer for compiling these great winter recipes. They are great! The final result in my kitchen looks just as great as the photographs, and tastes even better (haha)  - Nicholas Payne

January 07, 2014
Niloufer, the roasted chestnut soup was just perfect for these freezing temperatures and the festive chocolate log was amazing--a delicious treat for any occasion. Our taste buds had an amazing journey. Thank you! - Nilofur Aga sai

Reviews for Niloufer's Kitchen: Soups

5.0 out of 5 stars yummy soup recipe., Nov. 4 2013            
Tomato soup recipe was easy to follow. And soup turned out excellent. It's a must try recipe.
My family loved it.  - Villy Divecha

Dinaz Subjally  on facebook ; 10th February 2014
Another yummy success recipe from Niloufer's kitchen. Perfect !
Cauliflower and roasted garlic soup .
I think I will serve to my besties at our International movie night at my house.
With warm buttered crusty bread.
Reviews for Niloufer's Achars/Pickles
Your Gharab nu Achar was phenomenal!  - Gooli Mama
(Fish roe pickle)

Reviews for Niloufer's Kitchen: Quick and Easy

I just bought your new book and I think its a great book with very easy to follow
recipes. -Narius Davar

5.0 out of 5 stars Tasted delicious!December 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Niloufer's Kitchen: Quick and Easy (Kindle Edition)
I am always looking for easy Parsi recipes and tried quite a few recipes from here. They are easy to follow and everything tasted great!! Will be getting some more of her Ebooks. Personally I would LOVE a collection of great recipes in a regular cook book!! Just a suggestion Niloufer.

Reviews from Niloufer's Kitchen: Persian Fusion

5.0 out of 5 stars Five StarsNov. 20 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Niloufer's Kitchen : Persian Fusion (Kindle Edition)
The recipes are easy to follow and the result is delicious!

February 08, 2014
Dinaz Subjally ......13 hours ago near Chatham, NJ, United States
Yummy Chicken with Potatoes Parsi style from Niloufer's Kitchen . Thank you for sharing Niloufer, thumbs-up from Farhad.

February 10, 2014
Deelnavaz T.... the chicken and potatoes parsi style. Very good.

February 19th, 2014
Rita says.....Lovely presentation! Curry Chicken looks so yummy too
Will try one day with peanut butter. Thanks for posting recipe.

April 25th, 2014
From food blogger Peri's Spice Ladle
Niloufer’s Kitchen Niloufer offers a beautiful mΓ©lange of Parsi, Indian and global recipes on her website, my absolute favorite being her Parsi-style Chicken with Potatoes, which brings back fond memories of my mom’s version. She offers great e-cookbooks which focus on simple recipes. 
April 26th, 2014
Nurelle M on facebook
Thanks sooo much! I loved the dhansak and used the Kchi masala!

May 04th 2014,
Thank you Niloufer Mavalvala for the fabulous Dhansak recipe. I finally feel I have learned how to make a good Dhansak  Cooking Milestone accomplished!

Photo: Thank you Niloufer Mavalvala for the fabulous Dhansak recipe. I finally feel I have learned how to make a good Dhansak 󾌡 Cooking Milestone accomplished!

May 12th, 2014
Nerina Shroff on Mushroom Crepes....
Finally made it!! Thanks Niloufer.... it turned out awesome..Didn't have gin or cognac..used white wine instead..

May 22nd 2014
Dosi Anklesaria
Re-union Chicken and Chickpeas
Hello - made the dish yesterday to try it for a party on Saturday - turned out REALLY well.
Thx again. D.

August 06th 2014
Niloufer's Kitchen : French Bistro
Niloufer's Kitchen: French Bistro cookbook uses recipes that bring to mind French cuisine with its chique and elaborate meals where we can now create fresh, simple yet delicious meals with the transition of restaurant style to lively home-cooked meals in our own kitchens within 20-30 minutes for family and friends. The recipes in this book are easy to follow with colourful pictures that feature meat, seafood and dessert favourites. French Bistro cooking uses wine and fresh herbs through its simplicity yet elegance for its preparation as being the secret to any French Lover's Palate! ~Simi

Amazon.comhas recommended this book as one of two Regional & International Cooking e-Books.
Your Amazon.comToday's DealsSee All Departments
niloufer mavalvala,

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Regional & International Cooking eBooks
Niloufer's Kitchen : French Bistro
Niloufer's Kitchen : French Bistro
Niloufer MavalvalaSheriar HirjikakaSheeraz WaniaNoshir Mody
Price: $3.04
Learn more
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August 13th 2014
4.0 out of 5 stars Loved it!
Easy to follow and the result was a delicious French Dish. Love the pictures and is truly French cuisine easy to make in your kitchen.
I found the recipes very interesting and very reminiscent of "Bistro" i made the Caramel, the Pate, and the Strogonoff!
and was very pleased with the outcome! I look forward to trying the rest!

Published 7 days ago by Zeenia khan

September 2014

As I celebrated my 30,000 hits on facebook I pick the top 3 compliments  to share
Anam Akram Love the simplicity n nostalgia in ur cooking

Nilufer Mama You will soon have your TV show my dear friend xo wish you continued success.

Aine Wania Congratulations Niloufer You are a lady of many talents and proven over and over xxx

October 2014

  As my birthday is coming my husband gifted me e book of your 'French Bistro' it's very well written loved it.

Zainab Mahmood-Ahmad Croquembouche!? Outstanding!

Kainaaz Patel said.....
KUMAS I baked on my fils bday.he loved it
21 minutes ago
November 2014
Zia H Hey I tried your magical walnut crumble. It was awesome!!!!!! Delicious!! Thanks

December 2014
 Marghi na farcha/Chicken in a basket
Kainaaz R. Patell Made them! Really succulent, just went low on the spice meter...

Sonita Lawyer-Amaria
Hi Niloufer,
Enjoyed eating your delicious badam paak and relish the marmalade for breakfast. We have frozen the daar nee pori and will eat once my son returns home during the christmas break.

December 2014
Thank you, Niloufer Mavalvala for your lovely XMAS cake recipe! Everyone enjoyed it. The cake turned out soft and irresistible, and the colours were marvellous. Can't wait to bake it again!

Batasa /makhaniya /jeera butter...
many chaitime biscuit
A perfect recipe from Niloufer's Kitchen..

Meher Mirza Thx Nilufer Niloufer Mavalvala for ur recipe. my family is enjoying it they did not allow me to mature it also. It tastes yummy better then a rum cake

Zarin Shroff Hats off to you. Very nice

Dinaz Engineer Have no words Nilufer, you are a r so talented and such an impressive cook, you always leave me salivating and inspired, but I wish someone would cook fancy things for me, it does happen but rarely....THANK you so much for sharing yr love of all thing culinary with us. Have a super holiday season and an even more creative 2015. Xxxx if I ever come to Canada I am staying with u.

Sheeraz Y. Wania and my Busboosa comes out of the oven 

Like · Reply · 1 · January 10 at 1:02pm Yeah it was delicious!!

Sheeraz Y. Wania and i can vouch that this recipe is amazing  the best Sahs ever!

Vera Hardwick Hey Niloufer, I made the saas today. It turned out really great!!! Thanks! 

February 2015
Mehreen Uneeb Busboosa; My attempt! It's sooo yummy!

Sarah Cooper Naqvi
16th February 2015
Hey Niloufer - Tried your Chicken and Potatoes today

It was really good !

You should get your work published.

March 2015

Niloufer M, thank you for this most wonderful recipe, your pear tart turned out rich and cinnamony, with the right balance of flavours. I paired it with some finger lime flavoured whipped cream.

April 2015

Great recipe Niloufer. My batasas are a bit "knobbly" but taste YUM!

12th April 2015
Nurelle M
Here is my delicious Ribbon Rice!

27th April 2015

Hi Niloufer,

Thank you very much for the superb Gharab nu Achar. We tasted it this evening with our dinner and we all loved it. It had the authentic flavour that I remember having as a child when Jhinga nu Achar and Gharab nu Achar were commonly had with mora daar-chaawal.
Sheriar H

May 2015

Being a co-host in Ozlems Turkish Cookery Class in Weybridge Surrey in the UK on 10th May 2015 was a fun event. 

"A fab session - learned loads and thoroughly enjoyed the food

Keep blogging and cooking, Tom"

"Niloufer, I must say your Yogurt dip from you book Niloufer's Kitchen: Persian Fusion was the best dish of the class..... Y."

"What a sweet note dear Niloufer, most kind, many thanks – it really was a pleasure to meet you and have you in the class – so glad you enjoyed it and we all loved your dip! : ) Hope we can get to enjoy good food again soon. Ozlem Warren"

Niloufer's Kitchen:Moroccan Cuisine gets recognised by Amazon, It has been promoted over and over again. One of the reader had this to say......
Thanks to Niloufer Mavalvala we had a great Moroccan dinner. Celebrating Maria Westaway's birthday. Niloufer it was all from your book. The fennel and pomegranate salad, the shrimps in the marinade, the chicken tagine and the couscous.

May 17th
Dinaz Subjally

Thanks !

The chicken curry was yummy made it last night with your veg Palau
Sunday 5:46pm
June 25 2015

Used your Papeta ma Chicken recipe yesterday and it turned out delicious and super fast! Thank you!

June 26th 2015

Made your parsi chicken tonight smile emoticon turned out great… instead of adding potatoes, made sweet potato wedges to go with it.

JULY 2015

Review for Niloufer's Kitchen: Spanish Tapas

Perinaz Avari An absolute pleasure and some amazing recipes in the book I plan on trying myself:) all the links are in the post too. It's a book worth having in the collection...thanks Niloufer Mavalvala

August 01st 2015
Made a delicious meal last night from your e- book Spanish Tapas.  These are my mini caramel flans
August 04, 2015

Niloufer, you recipes are not only delicious but Look so pretty too. Thanks!

August 12th 2015
Vahishta Canteenwalla Made your papeta nu gosht. With lamb. Wonderfully delish.

Reviews for Niloufer's Kitchen: Spanish Tapas.
Dinaz Subjally's photo.
And here it comes , perfect completely flawless recipe Spanish caramel flan , easy to follow recipe , even a 7 year old could do it!! . Rave reviews from guests , unfortunately , had to pass the credit on to one of my go to favorite e cookbook writer and friend Niloufer's Kitchen: Spanish Tapas book

Augsut 17th 2015

Kerban Avari Humranwala I've tried this! loved it. Thank you,#NilouferMavalvala

18th August 2015
Jaws Kamath Greetings from Nainital, Kumaon.....Thanks Niloufer Mavalvalafor this wonderful was really fantastic. Did all that you instructed except the dum part, my final step was in my trusty rice cooker and it turned just perfect. This is definitely going to be on my menu list in the future.

21st September 2015
Chicken Marghi ma sali
Zarrin Dadinatha Made this last week. Easy recipe and very delicious! Thank you Niloufer.

Dinaz Nanavaty I tried your Prawn Biryani and came out fab.

24th September 2015
Nilofer Gisela I will
Mateen loves making mousse

Everything that I have made of yours has been excellent


Tomato soup from Niloufer's Kitchen Soups , got it from Amazon on my kindle , definitely a 10 . Will surely make it again, delicious !!!
Success with the patties! Thanks for the recipe. Not as nice and shapely as your pattice 
but they are delicious! 

This was one delicious fish biryani! Thanks Niloufer Mavalvala and Niloufer ' s kitchen for this recipe!! Loved it, and enjoying it !

Tanaz Behrana 15th September 2015
Today at 1:28pm

Nilou - the papeta ma gosh recipe was excellent! It turned out delicious, although I cheated using pre-fried onions but the end result was great. Z loved it too! :)
Zenobia Irani
This was one delicious fish biryani! Thanks Niloufer Mavalvala and Niloufer ' s kitchen for this recipe!! Loved it, and enjoying it !

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