The Art of Parsi Cooking; reiving an ancient cuisine.

A Foodeo on the cookbook.
What is Parsi Food ? Here is an article that may be of great interest to those curious to read about its origins and history.

An invitation to Le Cordon Bleu London  to speak and share  about the book. 

Guest Chef Demonstration
Niloufer Mavalvala



Dear Niloufer, 
I hope you had a nice weekend and a good rest after the fantastic demonstration you hosted at the school. 
I am pleased to share a few pictures of the event  attached.

We received a lot of positive feedback from students who attended the event. They really had a good time. 
Enjoy your travel and I am sure we will see you in the future back at Le Cordon Bleu.

Kind regards,


Sales & Marketing Director

Le Cordon Bleu London - Logo

Maestro Zubin Mehta
Dear Niloufer Mavalvala,
Thank you so much for your wonderful cook book of our beloved Parsi kitchen... I am very impressed (and immediately hungry) and hope my thanks reach you, as I lost your personal address..
Thank you - and bravo!
With best wishes,
Zubin Mehta

Moti Irani Congratulations you are a superb cook and I should know because I have your recipe book on Parsi cooking and have made several dishes for my kids and friends and the have enjoyed the dishes you make us Parsi's really proud

This Cookbook is available on Amazon worldwide and  can be ordered from book stores like Waterstones, Books for Cooks, WHSmith and Foyles in the UK and Barnes and Noble in USA and Chapters Indigo in Canada.

About the Launch.....

     It was held on Thursday 28th July 2016 at Books For Cooks, in Notting Hill, London W11.

   Proudly displayed was the  "Book of the evening" all over the store for attendees to enjoy at liesure.

                                         Autographing books for friends and attendees was fun!

What is a cookbook launch without a Party?

                                                      Some of the delicacies that were enjoyed by the 100 or so attendees.

A big warm THANK YOU to Books for Cooks for the stunning window dressing to make this day so special. It was rather good fun.

Thank you to everyone for the pleasure of your company and for stopping by to make this an amazing experience.

Testimonials can be important.

On Facebook

Darius Balsara This book is the best culinary investment I have ever made. The recipes are easy and superb in taste. Well done NM. 
as divine and the chutney sandwiches the best ever.. and last but not least the amazing book that's so beautifully put together Rico Rustomjee thanks Niloufer for a really lovely evening.. the rava was divine and the chutney sandwiches the best ever.. and last but not least the amazing book that's so beautifully put together and inspiring that it makes me want to start cooking too. I'm going to start with the Lagan custard followed by Parsi chai. thanks again and good luck and all the best.a

Sali Margi. Recipe from The Art of Parsi Cooking. Following your tip, I put some dried apricots too Niloufer Mavalvala.

Had papri after a long time. Thank you Niloufer Mavalvala for the recipe. It was very easy to make and turned out so good!
An earlier attempt at batasas, using Niloufer Mavalwala's recipe.
Easy and tasty.

Via Instagram
inspiring that it makes me want to start cooking
  • chilliandmintSo excited to start to cooking from #NilouferMavalvala new cook book 'The Art of Parsi Cooking - reviving an ancient cuisine'. ✨Great book launch ✨I particularly enjoyed the khatai biscuits and spiced coriander and cucumber sandwiches. Watch this space for 'masala na khekra - pan fried crabs with spices. 

And an Email
too. I'm going to start with the Lagan custard followed by Parsi chai. thanks again and good luck and all the best.

Dear Niloufer
Just a very quick note to say how nice it was to meet you, your mum and Adil again. I hope you were happy with the launch and that you did well.
I was looking at the book and will try your chutney recipe- I don't put green mangoes in my chutney so will give it a go. I tried your chutney sandwiches- delicious- and my huband immediately asked me why I didn't bring any for him! I shall let you know it turns out and more especially I want to try out the batasas - do you have a good recipe for par par biscuits by any chance?I would love it if you have.

I hope your book is very successful

All best wishes .........


Bonny Wolf

Feb 27 (2 days ago)
to me

Good morning Niloufer --
I made your wedding custard for dessert to rave reviews! It was absolutely delicious.

Warm regards,

On TwitterN

Being featured on a twitter handle is rather flattering.

So excited to start to cooking from new cook book 'The Art of Parsi Cooking -…

This book is now ready to go into a fourth print. Thank you Austin Macauley for helping me make my dream, a passion into a reality.
Read a review you may like.

muneezay jaffery
Aug 06
Just made green chutney + fish from@NiloufersKtchn Art of Parsi Cooking. Amazing..used pollock fish.

Some of the reviews and interviews
Ancient History Encyclopedia
The Culture Trip
Al-Arabiya News
Sarah Hodge, cookbook reviewer on
March 14th 2017
Showcased at the London Book Fair.

February 1st 2017 The Cooks Cook

August 18th 2016

Some feedback on the cookbook
Vera Hardwick Beautiful recipe book! Love it!

Sorraiyya Beheshti Love the cookbook !!!

Jer Dubash Love the kindle edition. Goes with me everywhere

Lisa Mehta-Cripps Its a great cookbook. I have already tried some of the recipes

Not your average Saturday night curry! Courtesy of Niloufer Niloufer Mavalvala's The Art of Parsi Cooking

"Masala Roast Gos" (Sunday Lamb Roast) from Niloufer Mavalvala's cookbook, "The Art of Parsi Cooking". It looked so good we forgot to take a "before" photograph! 
Dinshaw Patel It was truly delicious!
Niloufer Mavalvala. For mom's birthday today made Dhan Dar and Eggplant Patio from Niloufer's new book.

30th September 2016 
Its all about getting your oven mitts on!

6th September 2016

I must really congratulate you on your wonderful recipe book. I have been enjoying it immensely. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together Niloufer Mavalvala

12th October 2016
Parinaaz Marolia a fellow blogger reviews the book in Pune.

Rico Rustomjee with Zara Nadeer-Contractor and Niloufer Mavalvala.
Picture Perfect?

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