Wednesday 19 March 2014

Niloufer's Kitchen: French Bistro

20th March 2014
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French Onion Soup
Strawberry Chocolate Frangipane

Duck a L'orange
Potato Anna

Beef Stroganoff
The latest book from my treasure trove is a collection of My French Bistro recipes. These are old classics like Coq au Vin, Boeuf bourguignon and Creme` Caramel. I have a French Onion Soup but with a twist of Mushrooms added to it! 
And you can have a detailed step by step recipe on how to make the best mussels ever. Tips on how to buy them and cook them. It has a delicious smoked salmon sauce to enjoy. 
Duck cooked simply and served elegantly on a bed of green beans and potatoes; Duck a l'orange.
A duck salad for the adventurous. Last but not least I have shared my very own family recipe of Beef Stroganoff, originally a Russian dish! It is simply delicious and truly simple.
An almond frangipane with Chocolate Ganache and Berries could not possibly be an objection to raise. 
Be ready to cook up a storm with a range of red and white wines, liquors and liqueurs both. Its simple, creative and a foodies heaven on earth. 

Beef Bourguignon

Amuse Bouche. Scallop and Wild rice with alioli
Mussels in a cream sauce with smoked salmon 
Warm duck salad with a berry coulis

Creme` caramel


  1. Everything looks so good Niloufer!

    1. Thank you Aban. I do hope you enjoy cooking it as well.

  2. A readers comment:
    Firanghish Gai
    Oct 5th, 11:22pm
    As my birthday is coming my husband gifted me e book of your 'French Bistro' it's very well written loved it.

    1. Thank you for your kind support. Am so happy you are enjoying it.