Sunday 4 May 2014

Basic Crepes

Recipe for Basic Crepes

Makes 10 Crepes

Basic Crepe

In a bowl beat 2 eggs until frothy and light
In another bowl mix together
1/2 cup sifted  flour
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
1 cup warm milk
2 tbsp melted salted butter
When smooth and free of lumps, add the beaten egg to the mixture, stir to combine and voila the batter is ready to start sizzling in the crepe pan.


Eggs should be at room temperature. The volume doubles easily. 
Beat the eggs first if you prefer not to wash the beaters. Dirty beaters do not beat eggs!

Warming the milk helps everything remain at the same temperature. Cold milk will shock the melted butter and eggs and it can become lumpy and create more work.

Allowing it to rest for 30 minutes gives the gluten in the flour to start working and become as thick as it should be. 

Keep the pan hot before adding the batter. It should start cooking on contact. 

Once made you can freeze them for upto 1 months. 

Wrap them well only after they have cooled completely. You can put butter paper between each one before freezing. Or simply cover them in batches of 10. Make sure you wrap it properly to avoid an freezer burn. To thaw bring it to room temperature and place in a warm oven for 10 minutes if you have trouble separating them. Frozen crepes are only good to use in baked dishes with sauces and not to eat on their own with lemon and sugar as the consistency changes ever so slightly once frozen.

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