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Mithu Dahi/ Sweet Yogurt

Mithu Dahi/Sweet Yogurt

Yogurt or dahi, is made from milk and the bit of actual yogurt. This in principle is similar to the sourdough bread which needs a starter to prepare. 

I recall my grandmother who made a fresh bowl every morning, removing a spoonful or two to before serving for the next days preparation, for eating dahi with lunch was a routine and not an option. This reserved yogurt is referred to as the 'jum-un' or the binder.

Healthy for the stomach lining and the gut, yogurt cools down the spices added to Indian cuisine. If anyone is wondering if it is rather strange to include a sweet yogurt with lunch, it is best to think of it as a mouth cleanser. Similar to a sorbet served between the courses of haute` cuisine at a very chi chi French restaurant!!

Sweet Yogurt~Parsi Sweet Dahi
Creamy, sweet and delicious. Parsi Mithu Dahi from the Parsi Food repertoire.

Sweet Dahi/Mithu Dahi

10 cups whole milk 1 cup sugar
1 cup curd/dahi
1/4 tsp salt

Mix the milk and sugar. Bring them to a boil, stirring it along to quickly melt the sugar. Lower the heat and gently simmer it till it reduces to 8 cups. Remove it from the fire and cool it till tepid warm. Add a pinch of salt. Start heating your oven to reach 300F/150C degrees. 

Switch it off now.
Apply 1/2 cup of ready curd all over the dish, (you wish to use to serve it in), and add another 1/2 cup of curd into the milk, mix well. Gently add all of the warm milk into the bowl. Cover the yogurt with a lid or lightly, do not seal it. Place into the already heated oven which is preheated and shut off. The oven should not be ON at this stage. This should set in 2 1/2 hours. Let it jiggle but not runny. Remove from oven, allow to cool completely before refrigerating.


It is best to use whole milk for a rich flavour.

A flatter dish rather than a deeper dish will help set the dahi perfectly because of the even distribution.

If your yogurt is a tinge sour it is the starter yogurt that has to be changed. The fresher the "jumun" the more perfect the result.

The perfect dahi should be spoonable without breaking but not thick like mousse. The more you boil down the milk the creamier and heavy it will be.

Optionally add a few drops of vanilla essence to while the milk is cooling down.

To read more about the origins of Parsi Food and recipes read my cookbook
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Readers Comment

16th August 2017

Kainaaz R. Patell The very first time I made mithoo dahi at home. Thank you, Niloufer Mavalwala for your recipe. 

Sev and Mithu Dahi

My first try at Mithu Dhai. Thanks for the recipe


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