Wednesday 29 June 2016

Chocolate log

Chocolate Chili Rocky Road is a simple yet impressive dessert. Perfect to take along as a gift for a friend to your next dinner party; It can be made days ahead. What I enjoy most is the option of adding your personal favourite nut, chocolate, and biscuit! Pick the best dark chocolate you enjoy, yes you may use your favourite milk chocolate too. 
The Marzipan adds to the luxurious feel. The Chili is such a huge burst of flavour to the palate, don't frighten yourself off before having tried it out once. The pistachios give it sweetness and a punch of green and perhaps the best substitute for these are Macadamia nuts. A delicious, fun to prepare family recipe.

Serves 12 persons.


300 gm  broken ginger biscuits
200 gm  broken walnuts
200 gm chopped pistachio
1/2 cup  pickled sweet and slightly hot red round peppers 
200 gm marzipan in small pieces

600 gm dark chocolate
8 oz salted butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
2 tbsp cognac 

In a bowl toss together  the biscuits, walnuts, pistachios, peppers and marzipan 

Melt over simmering water the dark chocolate, butter golden syrup and cognac

Spoon the dry ingredients into the melted chocolate mixture.

Prepare a loaf pan approximately  22cm x 12cm or 9x5 inches by lining it with a overlarge piece of cling film that should be falling over the sides.

Pour into the prepared loaf pan. Put it into the fridge and allow it to solidify. Then close the cling film and leave to store.

Dried cranberries or tart cherries can be substituted for the pickled peppers.
Rum can be substituted for cognac.
Corn syrup can be substituted for golden syrup.
Crisp sweet butter biscuits are easily interchangable for ginger biscuits.
Can be frozen for up to 1 month.

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11th October 2017
Aniheeta K. Cooper I love love the chocolate log...I've made it twice and received compliments for the same. I added candied ginger chopped finely to it with dried cranberries instead of the chilli pepper rounds...

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