Tuesday 20 December 2016

Grain, lentils and pickled vegetable Salad

Grain and Lentil Salad
Aren't healthy salads a treat when they taste good too? Here's one with a variety of grains, including lentils, quinoa, wild rice, and bulgur wheat. 

In a pan heat 3 tbsp olive oil

1 1/2 cup each of 
brown lentils
bulgur  or cracked wheat
wild rice

Mix well and add 6 cups of meat broth or chicken stock.

Add to the pot
2 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp cinnamon powder
2 tsp paprika
2 tsp ras el hanout
1 tsp salt
1 tsp brown sugar
2 tsp freshly crushed garlic

Bring everything to a boil and lower the heat. Allow it to cook through. Once the liquid has evaporated, cover and steam for another 20 minutes. 
Overturn all the grains onto flat cook sheets and allow them to cool. 

Squeeze fresh lemon all over. 

Before serving, assemble it with a
cup of each of your three favourite pickled vegetables. 
mushrooms, beetroot, and red pepper. 
Keep approximately 1/2 cup of liquid from these, like the oil and vinegar. 

Also add 2 cups of your favourite piece of cooked meat in squares, like sausage 

1 cup pecans or walnuts, broken 

Sprinkle all over 1
cup of finely chopped herbs like mint, parsley, corriander, etc. 

1 1/2 cups goat cheese, crumbled 

1 cup fried onions, crisp 

1 cup kalamata olives
1 cup artichoke


The idea is to keep the cooked grains whole and not mashed up. Keep it moist and glistening with olive oil. taste for salt. 

The different choices are to give it the perfect taste, texture, and colour. 

Add your favourites to make it perfect.

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