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Spiced Egg Sandwich

Spiced Egg Sandwich

Here is a distinctly different Egg Sandwich that is prepared often at home and always seems to be rather favoured. It is simple to make and further additions and substitutions will make it perfect for your own friends and family.

Sandwiches are such a favourite. It all started with John Montagu the 4th Earl of Sandwich ordering a piece of meat between two slices of bread; the result of this order was the dish being nicknamed  and the dish being referred to as Sandwich. This was in the 18th Century  and has continued since. 

Bread is the key to a good sandwich. Pick a fresh loaf or your favourite crusty bun.  It can all be delicious.

Fresh Cheese and Jalapeno bread filled with an egg salad.
The Egg filling, jalapeno and cheese bread, salt,pepper, peppadew peppers, eggs, mayo, relish, mustard, paprika and butter

Makes 10-12 sandwiches

1 loaf of fresh jalapeno and cheese bread; 24 slices
12 eggs, soft boiled to perfection
3 tbsp salted butter
3 tbsp mayonnaise
3 tbsp pickled gherkin relish
3 tsp  dijon mustard
12 finely chopped small pickled red chillies like peppadew
12 large pinches of salt
1 tsp freshly cracked black pepper
A sprinkle of paprika

In a bowl while still warm, shell all the eggs and add the butter. Fork them down to smash them. Now add all the above ingredients  mayonnaise,relish, mustard, red chillies, salt, pepper and paprika to make a thick paste. Mix well.  Once it has completely cooled apply a generous amount of the mixture on to 12 slices of bread. Top each one with another slice of bread. Press down gently and cut into half.  Serve immediately.


You may substitute a few drops of tabasco for paprika and mustard powder for ready mustard if you prefer.
If you wish to store them for a while, wet some kitchen paper towel, squeeze all the water out and cover the sandwiches completely. This keeps them from drying out.
Do not refrigerate if eating within a few hours.
If you need to refrigerate, remove and bring to room temperature before serving.

The final paste is rather soft. 

A soft boiled egg considered 'perfect' for this recipe is made with room temperature eggs. Cover them with cold water until all the eggs are submerged. Put it on a medium high flame. Allow the water to come to a boil. From the very first bubble keep it cooking for exactly 3 minutes. Take the pot to the sink, remove the water and immediately run them under cold water. The perfect egg is not dry from the middle. It is not runny but you can see the soft moisture within the egg yolk.

If it overcooks by mistake you may need to increase the amount of butter to soften it. If it is too soft you may need to decrease the amount of butter to keep it balanced. 

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