Friday 13 July 2018

Mushroom Pasta

Mushroom Pasta
This is a simple enough dish to enjoy as a family.
 and also perfect for vegetarians. Choose a pasta that is your favourite, preferably one with a few ridges to catch the sauce.

Pasta, wild mushrooms, herbs, cheese and lettuce.

Serves 6

1 kg/ 2.2 lb melange of wild mushrooms
olive oil
2 finely chopped baby leeks ~ optional
handful of fresh herbs~ chives, basil, mint, parsley, 
splash of sherry
Hard cheese like parmesan, pecorino, gruyere, mature cheddar
300 g/ 10 oz pasta, boiled in salted water with a teaspoon of olive oil

In a pan, heat 2 tbsp each of salted butter and olive oil. Take the wild mushrooms and throw them in to sauté. If adding finely chopped leeks or green onions, add them in now. Let it just saute until soft. Add a splash of sherry and throw in a handful of herbs.
Toss in the cooked pasta and sprinkle generously with the hard cheese of your choice, like parmesan, cheddar, pecorino, or gruyere. Keep tossing and serve immediately with greens like lamb's lettuce or watercress. 
It is important to choose the flavours you enjoy. Pasta is versatile. Use fresh pasta if available. Any ridged pasta works best for this recipe, like penne and rigatoni, or even campanelle.  
Pick fresh herbs that are in season and your favourite flavours. Start with less and add until you find it well balanced to suit your palate. 
Nutmeg has a sweeter tone than black pepper, while white pepper gives heat to the plate. Mixed peppercorn is my personal favourite. Freshly grated pepper is delicious.
Baby leeks and green onions are wonderful in this pasta. 
Cheese is a crucial part of this dish. Grating it over the pot while the food is still warm is best. 
If you don't like sherry, add a splash of cream or milk.

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