Tuesday 8 April 2014

Apricot Galette

Fresh Apricot Galette

Fresh Apricot Galette

Fresh Fruit is delicious when baked uncooked. (Without steaming, poaching or blanching it). The natural sugars get a chance to caramelise while cooking in the oven. Their juices keep the galette moist and it comes out yummy to eat. Pick a favourite fruit or a combination off. Peaches and apricots hold their shape and have both a tart and sweet finish. Slice and fan them out or simply overturn them after halving. Remove the stone. Pears and apples are harder and take longer to cook so expect a firmer fruit to eat. Berries have a softer texture and a higher water content so expect them to be mushier. remember the pastry will take the same time to rise and cook whatever fruit you choose. 

The pastry can be brushed with some jam or fruit preserve, a light cream cheese, some frangipane/almond paste or marzipan or a custard. This makes it simply delicious.
I have applied a layer of lemon curd in the picture above.
Sprinkle it with some Turbinado sugar if you like the caramelised effect to finish it.

1 pkt of frozen  rolled out puff pastry. This will have two sheets and will make a total of 12 Galettes.

Un-roll  out the pastry and cut into 6 squares from each sheet. make an indentation just away from the edge and fold each of the 4 sides over. This will make the "case" or "square box" to place the filling in. Brush the sides with butter, cream or milk. This is the "shiny glaze" to the perfect Galette.
Now pick your choice of filling
Lemon curd
Jam or preserve
Soft cream cheese at room temperature
Almond paste or marzipan

Add top this with the fruit of your choice.

Optionally sprinkle it with sugar
Bake in a preheated oven at 400F/220C for 12-15 minutes.



Cut a slice or chop the marzipan or almond paste and sprinkle it all over as it is difficult to actually brush it over. This will melt with the heat and come out just fine. Do not add sugar over this.
Great Combination ideas
Marzipan/almond paste and pears are perfect together.

Cream cheese, sugar and berries are truly delicious.

Hard grated cheese or cream cheese and apples sprinkled with sugar and asqueeze of fresh lemon juice is great.

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