Friday 4 July 2014

Pear Galette

Exclusive from Niloufer's Kitchen

Pear Galette

My take on the tradtional Galette des Rois  ( also known as the King's Cake ) a galette is really a frangipane tart made with pastry, butter, ground almonds or marzipan, and may be filled with delicious creme patisserie. It is made in celebration of epiphany  an old French Tradition dating back to the 14th century. 

It was said that large rounds of this cake were baked ( they are covered and topped with a paper crown ) for the 12th Day of Christmas, and  that a 'feve' or bean hidden within to proclaim the person lucky enough to find this feve King for the day!

This is a wonderful simple dessert. 
Makes 12 Galettes
Sheet of rolled out puff pastry
6 small ripe juicy pears, peeled and cut in half
6 tsp sugar
200gms /7 ozs marzipan cut in 12 equal pieces
1 lemon

Cut 12 equal pieces from the rolled out pastry  
Very gently double up the edges of each up by rolling/folding it in ever so slightly
place one piece of marzipan and flatten it out by pressing it down
Place one half of the pear and gently slide a pointed sharp knife in thin slices. Press it down to fan it out.
Sprinkle with a squeeze of lemon juice and 1/2 tsp of sugar
Place in a baking sheet
Repeat with the rest. 
In a preheated oven of 400F or 200 C bake for 12 to 15 minutes until gently caramelized.
Serve warm with whipped cream, vanilla ice-cream or creme anglaise. 

Use a Turbinado Sugar, it leaves a crunch and caramelises nicely
Thaw the puff pastry for 24 hours in the refrigerator
Best served when warm


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