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Khichri/Khichdi/Khichuri is derived from a Sanskrit word simply meaning rice and lentil.

It has many variations and is popularly referred to as a comfort food. The texture generally is wet rather than dry, similar to a risotto. It is often seasoned with clarified butter or pure ghee. From the Greeks to the Persians, it was a favourite of the Mughal Emperor Akbar! 

Egyptians and their neighbours add vegetables to it, while the Indian sub-continent likes to serve it with yogurt or other forms of curries. The people of Maharashtra living on the Arabian Sea however tend to add shrimp to their Khichri.

Healthy and simple, it is generally the first forms of solid food introduced to babies. Being affordable as a self contained complete meal, it is the food of the masses. Many cultures dedicate a meal of Khichri during their week of wedding festivities; yet it is never served at the wedding! 

Delicious aromatic Khichri

 Serves 6 persons

In a pan heat 2 tbsps of oil
Add in and fry till pale brown 2 finely sliced onions

Add in and sauté`
A small piece of  cinnamon whole     
A few cardamoms
A few cloves

Add to this
2 cups rice
½ cup red lentils
1 tsp salt
1/3 tsp turmeric
3 ½ cups of water

Cook till all the water is gone on a high flame, then cover an steam for 20 minutes on a low flame. Serve hot.

The Onions are an optional addition to this Khichri.

This can be served with

Parsi Fish or Prawn Saas
Dahi ni Kadhi and Kheema
Jhinga no patio

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