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Scotch Egg ~ Parsi style

 Scotch Egg ~ Parsi Style

Clarification of it being a part of the Parsi Food repertoire is important as these "scotch eggs" are only related by name.
Although Fortnum and Mason of London claims they invented the Scotch Egg in the 1780's, it is believed that this English ( or Scot version ) is based upon the Indian Nargisi Kofta a rich Mughlai dish.

While variations of these are relished in cuisines of Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and USA, the original Scotch Egg is a whole boiled egg covered in sausage meat and deep fried with a crust of breadcrumbs. Generally served cold for picnics etc.

Coming back to the Parsi Scotch Egg, the boiled egg is wrapped in green coconut chutney covered with a layer of mashed potatoes, dipped in egg wash and fried to a golden brown.
To keep it smaller, one could use half an egg in each one.

Here is my version with a softer than normal hard boiled egg as I prefer mine creamy and not dry. The crust has got breadcrumbs hence the darker colour.

Makes 4 large Scotch eggs

4 eggs hard boiled, peeled
4 potatoes, boiled, peeled and mashed with butter, milk and salt 
1 cup green coconut chutney 
1 egg + 2 tbsp cold water for the egg wash
1/2 cup of oil to fry

Divide the mashed potatoes and the green chutney into 4 equal parts.

Taking one part of the potato in the palm of your hand squash to make a saucer shape, add one part of the coconut chutney in the center and place the egg over it. Bringing the potato saucer cover the egg turning it gently with two hands while patting it to enclose the entire egg.
Repeat with the other 3.

Beat the egg and water to prepare the egg wash. Heat the oil in a shallow fry pan
Dip each prepared scotch egg into the egg wash and gently place it into the oil.
Keep rolling it over each side gently with the help of the back of a spoon. 
When golden brown remove. 
Eat immediately.


It is easier to prepare this when the mashed potatoes, chutney and eggs are chilled overnight.
The chutney has to be thick and not too soft.
The mashed potatoes have to be well mashed and not lumpy. Thick and not creamy. Just properly seasoned with butter, salt and a dash of milk or cream if needed.

You can dip the scotch egg into a bread crumb mixture after the egg dip to hold shape better while turning it in the fry pan.

Using half an egg lengthwise may be simpler to handle.

Boil the eggs as hard or semi hard as you wish.

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