Sunday 3 September 2017

Cheese Filling ~ Gouge`re

Cheese Filling for Gouge`re

Gouge`res are delightful savoury "eclairs" that can be devoured either on their own when freshly baked or eaten with a filling of whatever one most enjoys. Fresh cream as in Malai, delicious churned butter, with or without home-made jam, it is all delicious. 

Here is just one of many options I will share with you that I made with my favourite jalapeno and cheese bread, kernels of corn and assorted cheese. I topped it with tomato jam and voila.

Cheese Gouge`res filled with a jalapeno corn and cheese filling served with tomato ginger jam

Filling for 36 prebaked Gouge`res

In a food processor whizz together
6 slices lightly toasted slices of bread; jalapeno and cheese
150 g/ 6 oz dark cheddar cheese
150 g / 6 oz jalapeno or habanero cheese
Scraped kernels of 1 roasted corn on the cob

Put it on a board. Make 36 balls and stuff one into each gougere. 
Reheat for 5 minutes in a hot oven at 165C |350 F and serve warm. 
Serve with a tomato-ginger chutney or a jalapeno or habanero jam. 


If the bread is plain, add one jalapeno pepper, roughly chopped. 
Any cheese with habanero or jalapeno will work well for this recipe. The consistency of this filling should be soft enough to form round balls easily. 
If you do not have fresh corn, use 150 g / 6 oz frozen kernels that have been blanched and drained. 
Salt if needed.

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Photo courtesy Niloufer Mavalvala

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