Sunday, 19 November 2017

Savoury Roulade


A pillow made of a soft cloud is the best way to describe a beautifully baked fluffy savoury roulade. 
French for a roll, roulades are sweet or savoury and generally filled with soft cheese and served by a delectable delicate sauce. Making sure not to overpower the souffle like texture of this roulade, pick your choice of fillings to balance and compliment rather then take over this delicacy.
Here is a sauce with sundried tomatoes in oilve oil with a herb of your choice. Diced roasted chicken is added to it for protein but tastes just as superb without it.

I urge everyone to try it out as it may read as complicated, but it really is the best feeling when you over turn this light delight and create your own flavours.

A slice of roulade showing the filling of cheddar and peppadew topped with the chicken sundried tomato sauce

Makes 16 slices

Preheat the oven to 325F
Prepare a jelly roll/cookie sheet with parchment paper, buttered and floured


50gm/2 oz butter
4 tbsp flour
1 1/4 cup of milk

1/8 tsp  freshly scraped nutmeg
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp sugar

5 egg yolks, beaten until just smooth

5 egg whites, beaten until stiff peaks ( but not dry)

In a pan melt the butter and add the flour. Stir for a minute and add the milk. Whisking it constantly bring it to a rolling boil.
Remove from the heat. Add the freshly scraped nutmeg, pinch of salt and sugar. Whisk well and add the egg yolks. Stir vigorously to amalgamate into the roux. 

Fold in the egg whites one third at a time, into the roux.

Bake for 28 minutes.
Overturn immediately on a kitchen towel. Roll up into a roulade. Keep aside to cool for 30 minutes before applying the filling.

Soften 6 oz strong cheddar with 3 oz cream
Add  1/2 cup  finely chopped peppadew peppers.

Slice the roulade and serve it with the 


6 oz butter
3 tbsp flour
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup cream
3/4 cup chicken stock
3 tbsp sundried tomatoes in olive oil and herbs
1 cup diced roasted chicken
salt to taste

In a pan melt the butter and add the flour. Mix well and add the milk. Bring it to a boil for a full minute. Lower the heat to simmer, add the cream and the stock. When its incorporated and almost to a boil add the sundried tomatoes in olive oil. Add the diced chicken. Mix well. Taste for salt and add a pinch if needed. 


Mis en place has never been more important than in this recipe. Ensure your pan is ready, the ingredients measured and the oven perfectly heated before embarking on this delicacy. 

It can be prepared and kept un assembled for up to 24 hours. Do not refrigerate the roulade. Reheating it is not recommended. The roulade can be served at room temperature with the sauce that has been rewarmed and spooned over.

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Photo Courtesy Niloufer Mavalvala.

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