Tuesday 23 April 2024

Parsi cookbooks

This cookbook series documents Parsi culinary culture and traditions, with the hope of preserving them for the next century or two. Zoroastrians who migrated to India from Pars, Persia, were known as Parsi, or the people of Pars, and they created their own unique cuisine reflecting their Persian and Indian eating habits. This has continued to this day, and we are happy to share this delicious food with everyone around the world.


 It is World Book Day today! Let us celebrate this series of Parsi cookbooks.

Why is The Route to Parsi Cooking exceptional?

This cookbook fluently expresses the sentiment, age, and era of the food. Preserving the past for the future, discover a treasure trove of old recipes that tell tales through cuisine, incredible facts, and humorous anecdotes. Parsis have a natural affinity for all things joyful, and this cookbook depicts our culture, customs, and idiosyncrasies in a lighthearted and delightful manner. Beautiful photographs breathe life into this book, capturing the essence of the cuisine.

Why is The Vegetarian Parsi unique?

One-of-a-kind, this cookbook makes lost specialties, delicacies, and gems of rural Parsi vegetarian cuisine available for sharing.
The book highlights Parsi's obsession with eggs. This is the first and much-needed cookbook that magically recreates how Parsi households cooked, ate, and served their modest vegetarian fare.

Why is The World of Parsi Cooking wonderful?

It not only looks great, but it has the perfect balance of meat, seafood, rice, vegetables, and lentils, as well as sweets and treats. It has the old-world charm in spades but is brought into the 21st century with elegance.

Why is The Art of Parsi Cooking traditional?
It offers an opportunity to revive the fundamentals of traditional Parsi cooking. An inspiration, encouraging the next generation to attempt preparing authentic Parsi cuisine for their families. It evokes nostalgia in the elderly while also giving the young hope of recreating what their grandparents spoke about. A visually appealing cover that stands out from the crowd with a square box design. hashtag

To buy a copy, inquire at theroutetoparsicooking@gmail.com
Also available on Amazon worldwide. 

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