Friday 19 April 2024


The new cookbook has been divided into six chapters, with 60+ illustrated recipes.

Join me on my journey from the old world of my grandmother's kitchen, where she cooked from a fresh basket of vegetables and prepared the catch of the day from grandpa's trawlers. Hearty meaty stews, served with aromatic platters of rice, and always something sweet to finish up the meal. Enjoy the stories as you immerse yourself in folklore tales that will make you relive the sands of time.

If you wish to add this book to your collection e-mail me at to place your pre-order and be the first to receive a copy of this cookbook by mail.

Please add your name and full mailing address, including your postal or zip code, your state or province, and your country. Do not forget to add the number of books you wish to order.

Books can be directly mailed out to friends and family as gifts.

Payments can be made via PayPal, BACS, or personal checks in USD, GBP, or cash.

                                Cost of the books in various currencies are as printed.

                                             $29.99 USD, $39.99 CAD, £24.99 GBP

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Postage costs for mainland USA  in $ USD are currently.

Carton of  20 USD 29.95, 10 books USD 16.95, 5 books USD 10.95, 4 books  USD 8.95, 

3 books USD 7.95, 2 books  USD 6.95, 1 book  USD 4.95

Postage costs for the UK in £ GBP are currently 

10 books GBP 11.50

Australia and New Zealand will be offered a pick up point in Sydney, Melbourne and hopefully in Auckland and Perth. 

The UAE is also accessible as is the rest of the world. 

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